Sick Little Guy

Well if the theme of yesterday was relaxing but active, today’s theme was relaxing but completely inactive! I slept in until about 9am and then drove home for some breakfast.


This yummy bowl of awesome contained: Greek yogurt, TJ’s Lemon Curd, banana, Nature’s Path PB Granola, and a serving of Treasure Trove Trail mix. It was really yummy, but the trail mix is wasted in yogurt. Going to save it for snacks or in oatmeal.


The rest of my morning was spent right in bed with these two characters. Unfortunately, Vinni was throwing up all morning so we all stuck around close to make sure he was okay. He was also allowed to do whatever he wanted like rest on his mother’s netbook and step on the keys. >.<


So all of us stayed together on/near the bed and Vinni slowly recovered after feeding him some hairball medicine. Poor little guy. =( He’s still acting a little funny and has not eaten since he threw it all up this morning but I think he’s going to be okay. I’ve never seen him so sick though!


Around 2pm I realized quite suddenly that I was hungry. I got my lunch cooking in the oven and on the stove but since it needed a 1/2 hour I knew I needed something else fast or I would binge on everything. I grabbed a banana and peanut butter and this did the trick.


Eventually lunch was ready. Quorn Chick’n Nuggets with honey drizzle, roasted Brussels sprouts and carrots, and some millet with a little bit of light butter, salt and pepper. It was actually a really tasty lunch.


While I continued to lay about and do nothing I eventually got a hankering for one of the most addictive trail mixes ever…so I had a baggie. I am so glad I portioned these out otherwise I know I could eat the entire pound and get completely sick. I think I need to even further ration these to just one a day.


Chase came over after he got off work and cooked us dinner around 7pm! He made organic spinach and cheese ravioli and cheese tortellini with red sauce. I also added more roasted veggies to our bowls and topped them with parmesan. It was tasty and filling! I think I prefer ravioli to tortellini now. It just had so much more taste due to the spinach.

Well looks like we’ve just got a short week to get through and then some (hopefully) healthy food choices to conquer! I for one know I need to start cutting out the sweets (yet again..). =/ I don’t know how I let them keep slipping back in!


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