Aw I love Saturday’s when you just get to do fun things with someone you want to be with and have absolutely no obligations. That’s what today was for me. =)


It started with waking up on my own time (around 9am) due to my stomach being hungry! I couldn’t put off breakfast any longer! I made myself an old favorite: toast topped with peanut butter and jelly, ground flax, and banana. Plus the very last of the milk(yay!) to wash it down. This was surprisingly not as good as it normally is due to having funky honey oat bread. >.< Just plain whole wheat for me please!

And then Chase and I were off on a day of somewhat enjoyable errands and just having fun spending time together.

We fixed my brake light that had gone out (Chase received man points for learning how and doing it all for me!), plus did some grocery shopping at two separate stores for ingredients for Thanksgiving!


After dropping off the groceries it was about 1:30pm and about time for some lunch! We were headed to Costco next (to look at cellphones, yes this girl needs a smartphone!) so we decided to be cheap and grab a slice of pizza there. I was so disappointed with yesterday’s pizza, my pizza craving had not been satisfied.

As I always due when going out for a slice, I packed some raw veggies: carrots, tomatoes, bell pepper, and some leftover roasted beets. I was happy to find that they had some chopped onions there for me to top the pizza with as well! I ended up not being able to eat all the veggies since this slice was huge!


And then we browsed Costco and had some samples! Who doesn’t love trying little bites of goodies? It was freezing here today so I was ecstatic when we came across a Keruig coffee sample! They brewed me a whole little cup! Nice and warm. I also tasted some: pumpkin pie, apple pie, and waffle!


After Costco and some other xmas shopping we headed to the movies! We ended up with the best seats in the house. You know the ones that have the bar in front of them so you don’t have to worry about putting your feet up on someone’s seats? My favorite!

No movies snacks this time and you know what? I didn’t need them! I never used to need snacks during movies until I started working at the movie theater the summer after high school and then it just became somewhat tradition. I’d like to go back to not needing them.


We saw Immortals and since I am a big big fan of Greek mythology I found lots of things I didn’t care for in the movie. I also hate movies that are presumptuously end with telling you they are going to have to make a sequel. Like they think they are that good. It was very visually pretty and hey, at least they tried to portray the gods in a decent light, but it definitely didn’t meet my expectations. 


Around 8pm my stomach wasn’t hungry but my body sure was. I felt very light headed and shaky so on those cues I went ahead and headed up leftover Chinese for dinner. This time though I added a bunch of steamed broccoli to my bowl. I ended up eating about 2/3 of the bowl and handing the rest to Chase to get some veggies in him. ^_^


And then the two of us played some Diablo 3 beta for a few hours and I ended the night with some of one of my favorite trail mixes! Treasure Trove Trail Mix from The Good Food Store! It’s really on the sweet side but oh wells. I bought over a pound of it today since I had a great coupon. When I got it home I immediately broke it in to 2 Tbsp baggies since I know this is prone to be one of my trigger foods. Everything in moderation!

Well I hope you all had just as good of a Saturday as I did! G’night!


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