Big No-No’s

I apologize that this post is a day late but whenever I hang out with Chase for the evening time gets away from me! He and I are officially back together and just taking it a lot slower this time around. He’s not going to move back in (yet) but he is going to go to Seattle with me! Overall, I’m happy.

Yesterday morning I got up no problem and headed in for a one hour lap swim. It wasn’t my best workout yet and I noticed a flaw with this past week of me concentrating on working my arms. My legs fell behind!! My speed became even slower due to my legs not kicking as hard as normal. I need to work on giving my whole body a good workout and not let half of it slack off.


After my workout I was freezing and starving! Unfortunately no hot oats today but this meal was really satisfying. Skim milk, Nature’s Path Optimum Slim cereal, banana, dried blueberries, and a handful of peanuts! Man I need to always add nuts to my cereal. It was so tasty.


Before work I grabbed a tall non-fat caramel latte because it was soooo cold out and blizzarding! That’s my cold sad face by the way. On a side note, I think I’m going to cut back on the sugary drinks again. It’s becoming too much of a habit.


For lunch, Chase and I went to The Fat Cat Pizzeria to use my lovely free entrée coupon they gave me last time. This time I got their lunch salad bar which includes salad, soup, breadsticks, and even pizza! I was pretty excited to try their pizza because salad and pizza to me is the perfect meal!

I started with a cup of their amazing tomato bisque soup and a salad with tomatoes, olives, red onions, pickle, mozzarella, and Caesar dressing. Loved all of it.


And then (when Chase’s entrée arrived) I went off to grab some pizza…only to find every single pizza on their hot plate had meat on it.  -_- Extremely disappointed and still really hungry I grabbed two breadsticks and resigned myself to my sad vegetarian fate. Big No-No #1: Eating things that I don’t think taste that good just because I’m upset and hungry.


And then it bugged me so much that they didn’t even have something as simple as a cheese pizza I asked our waiter about it. She said they were actually making a vegetarian one right now! When it came out, even though I was pretty full, I had to try it. This tiny thin crust slice was it. And it was tasteless…..

I don’t understand this problem that The Fat Cat Pizzeria has. In my opinion, Italian restaurants are all about the sauce. The sauces they use have to be bursting with flavor for me to succeed. And The Fat Cat’s sauces always fall flat. Very flat. Like my jar of pasta sauce at home has more flavor than that flat. And yet this pizzeria is still here!

I think it must be due to them having THE BEST SALAD BAR IN TOWN! Seriously, I would still come back here just for the salad bar. Just remind me not to order anything else!

Got a lot of errands done since I don’t work Friday afternoons. Jewelry cleaned and inspected, makeup refill purchased, even bought a new pair of VS pj’s that came with free slippers! Plus, I finally sold Odysseus’s tank on Craig’s List and got $20! I sold it because I don’t want to ever get a fish again and watch it die. =(


With the extra cash Chase and I splurged and got some Chinese takeout for dinner from Triple Dragon! I got Tofu and Veggies, white rice, and a vegetarian egg roll. Big No-No #2: Since Chase’s roommates are pigs, there were no dishes to use so I ate right out of the carton. That means I ate about half….goodbye portion control.


With it I had my last Hornsby’s Hard Cider. Big No-No #3: I try not to drink beverages with calories in them with my meal. If I’m going to drink my calories I might as well savor it by itself. Since I drank it with my meal, it was gone before I knew it and may as well have been water.


Late that night I got a major major sweet tooth. Big No-No #4: I ate ice cream straight out of the container and most definitely had more than one serving. Always portion out ice cream into a bowl since it’s so easy to keep dipping your spoon back into the carton. I left what’s left of it at Chase’s place in disgust.

Well yesterday was full of no-no’s and I really hope to not make those mistakes again. I am going to try not to dwell on it and not make myself feel bad. It’s a new day and all I can do is do my best! Ganbatte!

What are some of your No-No’s?


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