Well I tried a new alarm system for this morning, (having two alarms instead of one) and it totally failed me. Both times the alarm went off my tired mind decided that both were the very first alarm so I just turned them both off. >.< Fail. Luckily I hadn’t planned on swimming this morning and didn’t have my morning class.

Even though I got up an hour late, I decided that’d I’d rather workout than make it to work early to make more money. Happiness about self > money. I put my workout clothes on, laced on my sneakers and slipped on my workout jacket when my arm was suddenly assaulted by a dying yellow-jacket who had apparently picked my sleeve to die in.

It stung me right in my bicep! Man those are painful. I decided to make breakfast first while I iced it.


I know I should be having cereal due to my milk situation, but all I wanted was some hot oats today! I made a batch of blueberry oatmeal (old fashion rolled oats, ground flax, frozen blueberries, water) topped it with Caramel PB spread and dried blueberries and devoured it.

I decided even though my arm hurt I wasn’t going to let that get in my way of feeling good about myself with a workout. I biked for 1 hour and logged a decent 16.2 miles. The best I’ve done in a while.

I’m so glad I did my workout when I did because once I was at work and the day when on my whole body started to feel really funny. I could definitely feel an allergic reaction taking place in my body. =/ I felt weak, sneezy, drowsy, and shaky.


For lunch I had two pieces of pizza (from last Friday’s pizza night with Chase!) and a good amount of roasted beets! I ended up not eating the apple because I just wasn’t hungry for it.


To try and help me feel better I got a tall dry nonfat cappuccino. The majority of this cup was completely foam! It was soo light when I picked it up. It did help me feel a little better though. But not good enough to head back to work. Instead I took the afternoon off and met my Dad at Costco to get some groceries.


When I got home at 5pm I was so shaky I could barely hold this banana and PB to eat. I’m so glad banana’s are perfect for raising your blood sugar because afterwards I was together enough to put together some dinner.


Small flour tortilla with a melted string cheese, leftover fake taco meat, and some red bell pepper and spinach sautéed in EVOO on top. It was surprisingly really good! I think it was the string cheese that really made it pop. =P


I had a small dinner because I knew I needed to get in some milk drinking today, and I knew that since this is my last night to study for my cellular & molecular biology exam that there would be some study snacking.

Glass of skim milk with Pumpkin Swirl bread…


and a 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt, tbsp of homemade pumpkin butter, and a 1/2 cup of Kashi Golean Crunch.

I think my body really craves dairy sometimes. Anyway, must get back to signal transduction, the cell cycle and DNA replication!

What is your go to snack when you get shaky?


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