Holy Winter

Well as I write this write now it is blizzarding (yes this is a word in Montana!) outside! Noooo! Not snow! I hate the snow.  -_- Seriously. It means really bad driving by yours truly. I seriously try to be a better driver, but I am on pins and needles the whole time I am on ice I just don’t react very well. =( That said I am going to stay home to workout tomorrow instead of brave the unplowed streets with the first real snow of the year.

Today though, I got right out of bed and did a good hour long lap swim. I really worked on powerful strokes through the water because I’ve noticed myself slacking and just adequately swimming instead of really pushing myself. Getting a new swimsuit kind of motivated me. ^_^ It’s lifeguard red.

After swimming I was very reading for breakfast.


Unfortunately it really wasn’t what I wanted. =( I had ice cold milk and Nature’s Path Slim Optimum cereal mixed with a few dried cherries. I really wanted hot oatmeal to warm my insides, but I am determined to get through this gallon(!) of milk before it goes bad. (It expired today!!)


Before I headed to work I grabbed at tall nonfat hazelnut latte. I really think Jus Chilin must use less pumps of the syrup because the flavored lattes are always so subtle. I love it!


Surprisingly that less than 300 kcal breakfast (not counting coffee..that probably helped a lot) held me over very well until lunch. No stomach growling or anything! Maybe I’m on to something here…it’s really strange because cereal normally never satisfies me.

Lunch were some homegrown (by my Dad’s friend) roasted beets, cooked harvest grain, an apple, string cheese, and a little bag of my trail mix (pumpkin seeds, craisins, M&Ms). This did not hold me over as well as lunch!


After a foot detox, my mother and I went back to Sushi Hana for their Not Just Sushi $1 night! We started with my favorite sunomono salad.


Then the food arrived! Our plate of fried food: I ate the tilapia catsu (hidden by sauces), tempura broccoli, and tempura sweet potatoes. Yum!


Plus some healthier stuff. We shared the avocado rolls, California rolls, and the inarizushi. ❤ Perfection.


When I got home around 10pm, after driving through a blizzard and being somewhat terrified I wasn’t going to make it, I heated up some Pumpkin Swirl bread and washed it down with a mug of skim milk (yes I will make my goal of drinking a gallon of milk in 2 weeks!).

Well besides snuggling up to my foot heater I am working getting the menu together for our Thanksgiving feast. So far I’m in charge of making:

  1. Roasted Brussels Sprouts (Clean Eating Magazine)
  2. Souffled Sweet Potatoes with garlic and rosemary (Clean Eating Magazine)
  3. Spiced Cranberry-Pear Sauce (Clean Eating Magazine)
  4. Fluffy Pull Apart Dinner Rolls (Oh She Glows)
  5. Pear Pie with spiced whole-wheat crust (Clean Eating Magazine)

Plus I just learned I need to make some mashed potatoes! Anyone have a good yet not totally over the top recipe?

What are you making for Thanksgiving? Any traditions?


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