The Hunger Games

Wow. I did pretty much nothing today but I still feel absolutely emotionally drained. Why? Because I just finished the third and final book of The Hunger Games series, Mockinjay by Suzanne Collins. I was seriously sobbing at the end. If you haven’t read this series I highly recommend it. Sure it was written for a young adult audience but it is a great story and actually really touching.

Between reading (and yes I’d say I did at least 2 hours of biology studying), I did eat!


For breakfast I toasted an English muffin, slathered it in PB&J, ground flax, and topped with banana. The banana that wouldn’t fit on these small rounds was enjoyed on the side with more peanut butter! And to wash it all down, a glass of skim milk ❤


For lunch I heated up a cup of Roasted Red Pepper soup and mixed in some harvest grains and steamed carrots. On the side I had some Chobani Vanilla yogurt with a dollop of TJ’s lemon curd. Yummy!


After hours of reading, I found I was getting really light headed and hungry. So my favorite snack of banana and peanut butter was enjoyed!


Around dinner time I wasn’t really feeling like my “normal” foods (grains and vegetables). Instead I really wanted a piece of Pumpkin Swirl bread and skim milk.


However this wasn’t really that satisfying or filling so I also had a cup of Greek yogurt, 1/ cup Kashi Golean Crunch, homemade pumpkin butter, peanut butter, and dried cherries. ❤ yogurt.


As I read intensely the last 1/4 of the book, I nibbled on the rest of my Dark Chocolate Velvet bar. Seriously one of my favorite chocolates ever.

And now I feel completely dehydrated, worn out, and actually pretty cynical about the world. I really wish the ending of this series was a little bit more uplifting. =/ Maybe the movies will be?

Here’s to a great week! (Trying to make myself more optimistic…)


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