Trader Joe’s Trail Mix <3

First off, thank you to all the veterans out there! I enjoyed Veteran’s day but not having to go to class, only working 1/2 day, and spending a lot of money!

Well, this morning it was clear to me that I am still recovering from my blood donation on Wednesday. I biked 30 minutes before I couldn’t pedal anymore without throwing up.  -_- It normally takes me about three days to get over the blood loss, so I should have known. But at least I did something than nothing at all!


I was so famished I ate exactly what I wanted for breakfast. English Muffin with peanut butter and jelly plus a banana with peanut butter and a glass of skim milk. Holy yum. Surprisingly this meal held me over until 2pm! O.O I had a bunch of errands to run after work. (New swim suit!)


And then I got home and realized I was soo famished I had to have a snack while my lunch cooked. Three Trader Joe’s Lemon Heart cookies with 1/2 glass of skim milk. Well it is Cookie Friday! I’m really pushing the milk since I bought a gallon (I never buy that much!) and it expires on Monday!


My lunch was somewhat special. I finally had these two ingredients which I have heard Danica rave about over and over with her famous Harvest Grain Salad. No I didn’t have the ingredients to make the exact salad, so instead I just used the seasoning and some white vinegar.


I mixed the grains with some roasted vegetables and half a Quorn cutlet. It was pretty yummy but I must say I like the homemade grain mix over the Trader Joe’s. There was just one grain in there that wasn’t as cooked as all the rest and gave an annoying crunch!


For a snack later I had my new favorite trail mix of all time. Trader Joe’s Nuts About Raspberries Mix! It seriously has dried raspberries in it and we all know I love raspberries! I also love that there is very minimal added salt/oil so it doesn’t make you feel sick. Seriously, I’m thinking my sister (wink wink Whitney!) should send me a whole bunch of various TJ trail mixes for xmas. ~.^


This afternoon my babies went on an adventure! Yes that’s right, I lugged this 25 lbs of cuteness all the way to the vet and back! It was quiet a workout. They both did really well though and am happy to say I am the proud mother of two very healthy kitties. Vincent has even lost a whole pound!


Tonight I met Chase at his place and we made up our own pizzas using Boboli’s premade crusts. I topped mine with mozzarella and more leftover roasted veggies. I ended up enjoying two pieces all together plus a side salad of butter lettuce, dried cherries, blue cheese, and cherry balsamic. Plus I did have a Hornsby’s Hard Cider to relax a little on this Friday night!


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