Blood Loss

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry for the wordless post yesterday. I have just been so busy and tired. =/ I really had a lot I wanted to say though! Oh well..

This morning I did my one hour lap swim, but oh boy was it hard. My body definitely felt the blood loss from yesterday. Being a routine blood donator, I accept this and have learned to just take it easy the day after I donate. I got in the slow lane, and just took it easy. Of course this still exerted my worn out body.


I woke up starving and the swim only made me even hungrier! I was so happy to have a nice bowl of plain oats topped with pumpkin butter and Trader Joe’s Chocolate and Cherry trail mix! It warmed my belly and filled me up!


Lunch couldn’t come quick enough though! I was again ready to eat and eat I did! I had the last of my red quinoa and veggie mix, an apple and peanut butter, a string cheese, and a Nature Valley granola bar my Aunt Jeannie had given to me as a plane snack.

After work today I met up with my friend Tyler for coffee to chat about life. I had a coffee drink that was way out of my normal! I got a 12 oz. Dark Chocolate Mocha with 2% milk! I totally forgot to ask for skim. >.< Anyway totally not what I normally drink but it was good.


I finally got dinner after 8pm. Roasted veggies (Brussels sprouts, yellow pepper, onion, parsnips, carrots) and 1/2 a Quorn Chik’n Cutlet mixed into some Roasted Red Pepper soup! Nice and hot and nutritious!

I seriously thought about grabbing a pizza or buying some frozen processed food, but in the end neither appealed to me so I went home, roasted veggies, and enjoyed every bite.


Later I had some dessert of Pumpkin Swirl Bread and a glass of skim milk. ❤

Happy Veteran’s Day! I just have a 1/2 day of work and lots of studying to do! And hopefully I can get in some play time. =)


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