First day back and already failing. =/ I woke up this morning extremely hot and just feeling worn down. So I gave into my body, called into work, and rolled over and went back to sleep. So glad I did too. I woke up feeling so much better…better and starving!


To remedy that I made a simple bowl of plain oats with flax and topped it with Trader Joe’s Lemon Curd (wow holy yum), peanut butter, and the rest of my leftover raisin mix from my Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal. The lemon curd really made it amazing. Lemon Bar oatmeal? Yes please.


Around 1pm I wasn’t really hungry but knew I should eat something for lunch so I was energized for my persuasive speech performance today. So I heated up my red quinoa and veggie mix and a Naked Quorn Cutlet. Plus a string cheese because I felt like one. I ended up only eating about half this meal and coming back and eating it after my speech later.

My persuasive speech on getting the FDA to set requirements for the amount of sodium in prepared and packed foods only went so-so. Definitely not my best one but hopefully still B worthy.


I also came home and devoured a good ol banana and peanut butter. I can’t believe there are people out there who won’t eat bananas due to their “high sugar content”. Come on people. It’s a freaking banana.


Since I was out of town Monday my weekly foot detox & dinner with my mom was pushed to today. We had a good soak and then decided to try The Fat Cat for dinner since I was craving pasta. I started with their soup and salad bar which was delicious! Sorry for the terrible photos but guess who forgot her camera?

My salad was super yummy with lettuce, peas, canned beets, red onion, sprouts, tomatoes, mozzarella, and Caesar dressing. I also ate a whole bowl of their really scrumptious Basil Tomato soup. They seriously do have “The Best Salad Bar in Town”!


However, the worst pasta! I ordered the vegetarian pasta and it was completely tasteless. I have had better red sauce in a jar. I tried to scarf down a few mouthfuls but gave up and ate the bread stick. My mom tried it too and we were so displeased we told them so and they nicely comped it for us plus gave me a certificate to come back and try something good!

While I really hated their food I think the way they handled it was outstanding. I will definitely come back and give them another try to please this picky eater!


When I got home I had some dessert. Trader Joe’s Maple Cookies and Lemon Heart Cookies + milk. ❤ Yeah I know…but my meal was so unsatisfying and I am really stressed out! I should be studying my biology right now but instead I blog.


And make the bed! Where did Vinni go?


Ophie hid in the linen closet in case Vinni was knapped. She didn’t want to be next!


Luckily Dru is the smart one and calmed everyone down. She found Vinni and mocked him for being stuck in the bed. He claims he was only trying to help! Poor struggling Vinni.

Well folks, I suppose it’s time to crack open a book. =/ And no, not the pleasurable kind.

What good books are you reading?

I have two right now! Storm of Sword by George R.R. Martin (the 3rd in The Song of Ice and Fire series) and The Hunger Games which I got for free with the new Kindle Library Borrowing! Now if only I had time to read them. =(


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