San Diego, Shakespeare, & Cake

Yesterday morning had somewhat of a terrible start. I acknowledged that it was daylight savings the night before and counted on my cellphone to make the time change over like it should. Big mistake! When my alarm went off at 6:30am, I jumped out of bed, texted my aunt (who was taking me to the airport), and jumped in the shower. When I got out I had a text from her that went somewhat like this “You know it’s only 5:45am, right?”  -_- Damnit. My stupid phone took a whole reboot to acknowledge daylight savings! I couldn’t go back to sleep though, I was wide awake due to the shower..


So I headed down to the Starbucks attached to the hotel! Yay for coffee!


I grabbed a shot non-fat Gingerbread Latte, checked my email, read blogs, and got to work on my biology reading. It was actually pretty nice. =) Plus I ran into my Uncle Barry and got to chat with him for awhile!


For breakfast, my aunt and uncle took me to the hotel restaurant where I got some really outstanding oatmeal!! This oatmeal had macadamia nuts, pineapple chutney, and coconut milk!  I love being able to try new combinations in oatmeal! It was really good but I shouldn’t have used all the chutney because it made it a bit too sweet.


On the flight to L.A. I snacked on some Biscoff cookies and some club soda. What’s the deal with everyone loving Biscoff? I don’t understand the obsession. They weren’t /that/ good, in my opinion.


Since I knew I was going to eat with Whitney once I arrived in San Diego around 3pm, I had a super small lunch of a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar. Yes I wanted more but I didn’t want to ruin my early dinner!


And dinner was something sure special! We went to Evolution Fast Food where everything is not only vegetarian but vegan!


It’s basically a vegan burger shack! Not much room to sit down but oh boy is the food good!


I got their Mushroom Swiss Burger: veganaise, mushrooms, daiya cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Also I chowed down on half my serving of sweet potato fries and half my organic root beer. It was soo tasty. And the best part about was that unlike some vegan food I’ve had, it really really satisfied me plus kept me full for hours!!


Which was nesissary because we had places to be! Places like The Old Glove Theater in Balboa Park!


Whitney’s newest project of The Twelfth Night was opening tonight!


It was cool that I got to go backstage and see where she worked everyday while she got ready for the show!


My sister played the role of Antonia, a pirate! She looked badass!


We’re silly sometimes. The last one is her holding a dagger to my throat by the way. ^_^


After an amazing opening night, Whitney and I went in search for an amazing dessert. We ended up at Extraordinary Desserts! Sounds about right, right?


We took our treasure home to enjoy. I choose a Lemon Bar while Whitney grabbed us a piece of Blood Orange Cake.


We shared both over two glasses of wine. And wow they were EXTRAORDINARY! We also felt like we did a really good job pairing them. They were both citrusy but while the lemon bar was dense and rich the cake was really light. They complimented each other perfectly.


In my drunken hunger, I ended the night finishing off the rest of my sweet potato fries. And I forgot to tell you about Evolutionary Fast Food’s homemade ketchup! It is the best ketchup I’ve ever tasted it. If they bottled it, I would buy it.


Well sorry this post is so late! Going to hit submit and get to work on the one for today!


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