Adora & Jeff’s Wedding

So even though I had the good intention of getting lots of homework out of the way last nigh (like read my biology…) I instead laid in bed and browsed the interwebs. ^_^ Does anyone else own a Kindle? I just upgraded my Amazon account to Prime status just so I can use their new Kindle Borrowing Library. I think it’s a pretty neat idea! With my new Prime account though I know get a lot of free internet streaming TV shows and movies too! So I spent the night watching Home Movies and waiting for my dad to get in from Hawaii. Yeah I know I live big when I go on vacation. ~.^

Adora's Wedding 001

When my dad finally got to the hotel around 11pm I was soo ready to go to bed. However, I stayed up even later to get my gifts from Hawaii. ^_^

Adora's Wedding 002

Hello Kitty: cellphone charm, key cap, and a magnet paper holder! How sweet of him to get me something Hello Kitty! My then proceeded to get extremely sick from some bad food he ate on the plane. =( Definitely the sickest I’ve ever seen him in my life.


So sick that the next morning I got up early and found a pharmacy to get him some Peptobismal. Since I knew a nice breakfast at a cool restaurant was out, I grabbed some Perfect Oatmeal from Starbucks, added a banana, skipped the brown sugar, and devoured it. It was very yummy!

Adora's Wedding 003

Eventually my Aunt Marlene and Uncle Randy convinced me to leave my Dad’s bedside and go tour the Capital Building.

Adora's Wedding 009

There was actually some pretty interesting things learned on the tour! For instance, this sculpture of Isabella, Queen of Spain and Christopher Columbus is there just because some rich guy who came to California for the Gold Rush donated it to the state and wanted it placed there!

Adora's Wedding 004

Adora's Wedding 014

I finally learned why Athena (Greek Goddess of Wisdom) is one of California’s symbols too. It doesn’t have too do so much of being the Goddess of Wisdom but the story of her birth. She sprang from Zeus’ head a fully grown adult and that is just how California became a state. Fully grown.

Adora's Wedding 021

Adora's Wedding 027

Around 3pm we were all a little bit hungry for lunch even though we knew we had a wedding reception to attend around 5pm! So we decided a slice of pizza would be perfect. We went to Uppercrust Pizza which is right near the Capital Building and right around the corner from our hotel, The Hyatt. Uncle Randy was very excited for pizza!

Adora's Wedding 028

I ended up having two slices (the second one was small at least) of this delicious vegetarian pizza! It was so packed with veggies! We all loved it.

Adora's Wedding 029

Once back at the hotel, while we were all getting ready for the wedding, I snacked on some squares of this dark chocolate. Seriously one of my favorite chocolates.

Adora's Wedding 031

Traditional before-wedding picture. Sadly my Dad did not make an appearance in it because he was still trying to feel together enough to go to the ceremony/reception.

Adora's Wedding 035

And then it was time!

Adora's Wedding 048

My Uncle Nelson and my beautiful cousin, Adora! No more shots of the ceremony due to the church asking us not to take photos…..

Adora's Wedding 052

The reception was nice! The cute little box contained chocolate kisses which I ate later that night.

Adora's Wedding 054

For appetizers I snacked on a toast with cheese and walnuts on it which was delicious, raw veggies, and a spinach and feta phyllo dough thing. Yeah I know, I’m so great with the proper names for foods.

Adora's Wedding 055

Yay for open bar! I enjoyed two glasses of this cabernet over the evening.

Adora's Wedding 059

Three brothers! From left to right, Uncle Barry, Uncle Randy, and Uncle Fred.

Adora's Wedding 064

Uncle Nelson, Adora and, her new husband, Jeff, and my Aunt Karen.

Adora's Wedding 074

Dinner was a buffet at which I had some salad with strawberries and walnuts, some creamy penne, roasted vegetables and about half of the rye roll. I was hungry!

Adora's Wedding 079

So hungry that there was definitely more food to come! My Auntie Millicent and I had to scope out the chocolate fountain.

Adora's Wedding 080

Chocolate covered: banana, pineapple, strawberry, and pretzel!

Adora's Wedding 071

The cake was gorgeous! I loved the color scheme of blue and orange.

Adora's Wedding 086

You know, I’ve decided I don’t know if I like the whole feeding-each-other-cake-tradition. Part of me is like “Hey, I can feed myself cake all by myself thank you very much. Maybe when I’m really really old and unable to you can feed me then but until then….” =P

Adora's Wedding 088

I had a little coffee and a little bit of the cake. It was chocolate which I don’t like and I really don’t like fondant so most of it stayed right on the plate.

Adora's Wedding 091

My family is notorious for family photos…and eating! ❤ In fact, the majority of our family get-togethers are spent either taking pictures or eating foods…and even taken pictures of foods. ^_^ Which is fine by me.

Adora's Wedding 092

The happy bride and groom!

Adora's Wedding 094

The Wakimoto Girls! (sadly missing our forth, my sister Whitney!)

Thank you Sacramento Airport for free WI-FI! Will be back tonight with a post of my San Diego adventures! Hopefully I don’t get sick this time. Going to a snazzy vegetarian restaurant tonight so hopefully there will be some good food shots. ~.^

What do you think of wedding cake?


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