A Day Late

Sorry folks that this post is a day late! I was so busy last night getting ready for my vacation that I didn’t realize what time it was until I was soo ready to go to sleep I couldn’t possibly take the time to write a blog post.

What vacation you may be wondering? Well, I am off to Sacramento, CA for my cousin Adora’s wedding and then on Sunday I am flying down to San Diego, CA for my sister’s very first show of Twelfth Night with the Old Globe Theater Co. Yes it will be a fast weekend but I am excited all the same!

Anywho yesterday started with a hour long lap swim, like always. ^_^ And then was promptly followed by a delicious breakfast.


Greek yogurt, cut up somewhat crunchy small pear, Kashi GOlean Crunch, roasted almonds, and dried blueberries. I loved the pear!


I splurged a little bit and instead of getting a syrup free latte I went with a nonfat caramel one. It was one of the best flavored lattes I’ve ever had though! The caramel was so subtle and not overpowering! Totally worth it.


Once lunch rolled around I was starving. I had the very last leftovers of my fakin bacon tempeh, butternut squash, cranberry and millet salad, and roasted veggies. On the side I had half a grapefruit and a little of my homemade trail mix of craisins, pumpkin seeds, and M&M’s.

After class that afternoon I was nicely busy at work for once! I love doing paperwork (yeah I may be crazy) so it was a nice change of pace over cleaning glasses for a few hours.


Once work was over with I came home to get some biology reading done. I grabbed a snack of salted peanuts while I read and thought about what to have for dinner.


I ended up choosing the gluten-free pasta leftovers I had with roasted vegetables and a Naked Quorn Cutlet smothered in Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash sauce! Yum!


Chase came over to play with the kittens while I packed for my trip. We ended up watching a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother and snacked on fat free popcorn, pears, and Vitamin Water. It was a fun night =)

Anyway hopefully there will be another post this evening once I am in Sacramento and settled in to my hotel! That reminds me, need to check if there is free internet!!

In case you don’t hear from me, have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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