Sushi & Horror

I had such a glorious night of sleep last night! Seriously, I turned out the light after reading for a few hours at 10pm and I did not open my eyes again until 6:30am. I slept sooo well! So good in fact, that my one hour lap swim this morning was super strong. I kept beating the guy in the next lane on speed and boy did it feel good.


This morning I mixed it up a bit breakfast-wise and had me some banana oats I made last week! Topped with raspberries and banana peanut butter. To be honest, I really wasn’t looking forward to eating this. I am soo hot when I get done swimming  the thought of hot food repels me. But once I started eating it and felt it heat up my empty belly it really felt good. Especially when I went back out in the freezing rain to head to class!


It was so cold today I grabbed a tall non-fat latte on my way to work. Wasn’t able to finish it but it put a nice spring in my step.

001 (2)

Work was slow so I was off at lunch time! I headed home and decided to use my free time to cook instead of eating my already packed lunch. I cooked some red quinoa in vegetable broth on the stove and added steamed carrots, green beans, and canned corn to it to make a yummy cheap salad. I also had a Boca patty for some protein and half a grapefruit (most of which was eaten while I waited for the quinoa to cook!

002 (2)

I wasn’t quiet filled up with my meal though so I also had a little Greek yogurt mixed with my homemade pumpkin butter and some Kashi Golean Crunch with toasted almonds. Holy yum. This will be had again. I used the afternoon to get a lot of homework done like biology reading and working on my outline for my next speech.

003 (2)

This made me snacky though so I kept with the pumpkin theme, it being Halloween(!), and had some toasted pumpkin seeds. Love these.


For dinner my mother and I went to Sushi Hana for their $1-Not-Just-Sushi Night! We started with some sunomono..


and had a blast trying little bites of all the various dishes! Teriyaki salmon, tilapia catsu, salmon goyza, tempura sweet potato and broccoli, avocado rolls, California rolls, and inarizushi! Seriously delicious. I love that we just got little bites of everything. I definitely want to come back on this night again.


For dessert we tried their fried green tea ice cream and will never do so again. We were not fans. There was way too much breading on the ice cream which made this dish extremely sweet. Sadly, we aren’t at the place yet where we can throw away money and not finish the dessert. >.< Next time I will just put my spoon down and let it melt. After eating half I felt sick.

Anyway, hope you all are having a happy Halloween!! Chase and I are now going to watch horror movies ❤ I love being scared to death!

What do you do when you don’t like a dessert you order at a restaurant?


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