Hangovers & Cupcakes

Boy did I feel awful this morning but last night was totally worth it! Here are a few photos I got from my friend Jessi of last night. ^_^


Chase & I


Julie (Jess’s sister) & I


Me & Jessi!

Halloween 2011 028

When I got home this morning, I knew I needed to fill up my belly with food that would make me feel better. I knew I wanted eggs. I knew I wanted bread. I knew I wanted peanut butter. Check, check, and check! I made an Egg Beater omelet with onions, bell pepper, and dill. Then on the side I had a toasted English Muffin with peanut butter and jelly. ❤ Perfect.

After filling my tummy, I crawled back into bed and got a good couple more hours of sleep. Once I woke up, I felt so much better.

I then got to work on getting ready for the new week (laundry, dishes, cleaning) and also making Halloween cupcakes for the office! Around 2:30pm, I took a break for some lunch.


Ah leftovers. ❤ Fakin’ Bacon Tempeh, Butternut Squash, cranberries, and millet salad, and some roasted veggies. This seriously has not gotten old yet!


After a lot of hard work and some big disappointments, my cupcakes were complete. I used Gina’s Skinny Recipe’s Low-Fat Chocolate Mummy Cupcake recipe and while the cake part itself turned out fantastic, I was really disappointed with the frosting. It just didn’t turn out like Gina’s photos at all. Way too runny.


Even though I don’t like chocolate baked goods, I took one for the team and had one for quality check.


Boxed up in these cute cupcake packages I got for $2 at Michael’s! I really hope my co-workers like them because they are definitely not the best. =/ Wish I’d bought pre-made frosting instead.


For dinner I made some gluten-free spaghetti with marinara sauce, roasted veggies, and a Naked Quorn Cutlet. Yummy! I actually really enjoyed the texture of these funky noodles. They had a good chew to them.

Goal wise I think I didn’t do so hot this week, probably due to it being a holiday weekend! I did cut back on sugary coffee drinks at least and really tried to push the fruit/veggie snacks over the simple carbs. I think I sabotaged myself by keeping trigger food around me but now that they’re gone I can only do better from here!

Here’s to a good start to another week!

How did you fair on your goals?


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