Halloween 2011

Yeah I know yesterday wasn’t really October 31st, but the people in downtown Missoula partied like it was! For the first time ever, Chase and I went downtown to take part in the holiday festivities and you know what? We had a great time! However, that wasn’t until late last night so I might as well start at the top.

I woke up leisurely and had a hard time deciding what I wanted for breakfast. Everything sounded good!

Halloween 2011 001

I ended up eating the last of the Cinnamon Swirl bread since my dad is currently away for a week in Hawaii.(! I know not fair..) Plus a banana that was getting way too ripe and some peanut butter since I ❤ it. Washed it all down with a mug of skim milk. Yum!

After breakfast I knew I should get in my workout for the day. However, we don’t always do what we know we should. Instead I climbed back in bed and read a lot of my book Clash of Kings while my kittens slept around me. Problem with this scenario is that these cute cuddly warm kittens always end up putting me to sleep. >.< Doh!

When I woke up again, there wasn’t enough time for my full workout and showering, so I accepted that I’d made a bad decision and jumped in the shower. What was the rush?

Halloween 2011 010

Well this stinky dog, Tammy, had a date with the groomers! (This photo is her afterwards. Doesn’t she look clean!?) Yeah It’s a little funny that the first thing I do when my dad goes out of town is make his dog a bath appointment. There’s just no way I can take care of her when she smells that bad. >.< She’s a hunting dog so when my dad takes her out she just rolls in the nastiest of things!

Halloween 2011 005

Anywho, after I dropped her off I came back home and met this little guy! This crazy squirrel decided he loved dancing in our kitchen window (forgive the dirty window..)! It was the strangest thing. Just kept running back and forth and swishing his tail. He was there for a good solid 30 minutes and didn’t even mind when Vinni came and sat in the window to watch him.

Both of them watched me make Pumpkin Butter and roast pumpkin seeds!

Halloween 2011 025

For lunch I topped some butternut squash, cranberry and millet with some roasted vegetables…and then the snacking began.  -_-

Halloween 2011 026

My roasted pumpkin seeds finished and of course I had to try them out! I was glad I stuck with just simple olive oil and sea salt. I thought about trying out some crazy flavor combinations, but really it’s nice to just let the ingredient speak for itself! Pumpkin seeds have so much flavor on their own!

Halloween 2011 027

And then, because I am utterly addicted to this trigger food, I ate a lot of PB&J grahams. Yeah, I cannot buy these again.

You know how you hear about women make whole batches of, lets say, brownies only to eat a few and then be completely disgusted with themselves so they throw the rest of the batch in the garbage? I definitely felt like I needed to do that.

So I crumbled up a few of them in Tammy’s dog food. At least one of us will get to eat these super tasty, all natural, but super addicting morsels.

Finally after being very unproductive today, it was time to get dressed and get partying!

Halloween 2011 016

I went over to Chase’s and watched Bridesmaid with him while we waited for it to get darker and for my friend Karlie to text me so we knew what the plan was. She ended up being a flake but we didn’t let that interrupt our night!

Halloween 2011 017

Around 8:30 we ended up at one of our favorite restaurants, The Mustard Seed, for a glass of red wine and my favorite Teriyaki Tofu Salad. Sadly the salad tonight really lacked flavor so I didn’t eat it all. =( It was not my favorite tonight.

(Reusing this older photo. My salad last night did not look as good!)

Halloween 2011 020

And then we walked downtown, found my friend Jessi, drank another glass of red wine and wwaayyy too much gin, and danced the night away!

It was probably one of the funniest Halloweens I’ve ever had and I’m really glad I got to spend it in good company. ❤

Did you do anything for Halloween?


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