Yay for Friday! I was so ready for it this week. Ever since I woke up on Wednesday morning thinking it was Saturday, this week has felt super long. I am ready for the holiday weekend!

This morning I staggered out of bed and set off to the pool for the last time this week. I got in a good hour long lap swim and was ready to start my day.


Breakfast as usual. Greek yogurt, raspberries, pomegranate seeds, Kashi Golean Crunch, and toasted almonds. It’s crazy how much flavor toasted nuts can bring to food! I think I seriously need to use them in more diverse ways.


Before driving to work after my biology lecture, I grabbed a small (12 oz) nonfat cappuccino to get me through this last business day of the week. You know what? I don’t need all that added sugar in my coffee drinks! This cappuccino was delicious and exactly what I wanted. It really gave me the extra spring in my step I needed.  I was also impressed that the barista spelled my name right!


With that extra caffeine, the morning blew by! Before I knew it, it was lunch. Yet again I enjoyed tempeh, roasted vegetables and butternut squash, cranberry, and millet salad. Plus an apple and PB to really satisfy me. I love meals like this full of real food.


Around 4pm the office was really feeling the work lull. We were all really busy this afternoon and working hard. So when my co-worker Shane mentioned that we’d received some candy from the lab that makes some of our lenses, we all jumped on the wagon of breaking into it. We split it up and happily enjoyed our sugar while we continued to work.


With work finally over (we worked every second up until the doors locked) I headed home to get ready for an evening with Chase! He came over to carve pumpkins with me and kittens! Ophelia put on her very best sweater (okay her only non-holiday sweater) and sat on her mother’s coat so she couldn’t leave her again.


I cooked us dinner tonight so I wanted to keep it something easy and yummy that I knew Chase would like, yet full of vegetables! So I made cheese tortellini with roasted vegetables and Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash Sauce. Yum! And then It was time for some pumpkin carving!


Vincent made sure to help Chase out…


And then, of course, he had to help me! Vinni’s so thoughtful. ❤ After lots of hard work and anger at super thick pumpkins, we were done!


We both really liked how they turned out!


Yeah we both used patterns, but we’d both never done that before so it was definitely a learning experience1


My pumpkin is an Ophie-kin. See the resemblance?


Now I have these amazing glowing jack-o-lanterns on my porch and am officially ready for one of my favorite holidays. ^_^


Once the pumpkin carving festivities were done, we headed over to Chase’s place to play some Starcraft. I browsed through my new Clean Eating magazine while I watched him play and enjoyed my dessert of my favorite Iced Shortbread Cookie with a glass of skim milk. I loved the dancing skeletons. ^_^ Chase said they probably glowed in the dark and they do!

So I clearly ate a lot more sugar today then my goals suggest I should. But you know what? I don’t regret it and I don’t feel like I over indulged.

Are you good at carving pumpkins?


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