Thursday, I <3 You.

Ahh I got to enjoy another relaxing Thursday today. In fact, even more relaxing than previous Thursdays since I did not have to go into work at all! I woke up around 8am, stretched, fed my babies, and then went about making a slow cooked hot breakfast.


I give you banana oats with nutmeg, flax, Banana PB Spread, and raisins. I even made sure I made a super batch so I would have some to take for school breakfasts. (Yeah someone should reminded my sleepy self that it was Thursday and therefore not that helpful…) I really enjoyed cooking this though because the aroma brought back a lot of memories of me cooking this exact same thing on my little gas stove in my dorm in Japan. Bananas and nutmeg were all I had to mix into my oats so it became a really comforting smell, reminding me that I’d gotten through another day.

Since I was starting to come down with something yesterday, I decided to give my body a break and called it a rest day. Shaking on the stationary bike just did not appeal to me this morning.


No one told my stomach that though because a few hours later I was hungry like I’d had a workout! I indulged and had my absolutely favorite snack: PB&J grahams with milk. This at least fueled me through the rest of my boring chapter of cellular and molecular biology.


For lunch I had…wow one of the exact same meals I’ve had all weak! =P Delicious and wonderful salad with tart dried cherries, blue cheese, cherry balsamic, and toasted almonds! Plus some more curried pumpkin soup. ❤ Despite the beans in this, it really is a scrumptious soup. I highly recommended it, just buy some Beano if you’re sensitive!


After my one class for the day I had a ton of time to kill before an appointment at 5:30. So I took back a mask that didn’t work for my Halloween costume at Target, picked up some groceries (and “beer”!) for the dinner I’m making Chase tomorrow, and went to two different Halloween stores to get the finishing touches for my costume! While running about, I got super super hungry. Like OMG-feed-me-or-I’ll-punch-you-in-the-face hungry.


I need to get back to keeping healthy snacks in my purse for emergencies because instead of something healthy I grabbed some Stacy’s Pita chips and probably ate a good serving! I love these chips but they are still just chips.


After my appointment I got home for dinner around 6:30 and heated up some amazing leftovers. I’m sure you’re sick of seeing all the leftovers I eat but that just goes to show you how good the recipes are! Honestly, I would not keep eating them if they weren’t! I pawn the bad stuff off on my dad….or the dog. ~.^

More tempeh, roasted vegetables, and butternut squash, cranberry and millet was devoured with gusto.

I then went off to Chase’s place and watched a hilarious movie: Horrible Bosses! Have you seen it?


While there I enjoyed a crisp tart Bitterroot Mac apple with some Earth Balance crunchy peanut butter. ❤

I can’t believe the week is already almost over! >.< I feel like I definitely didn’t make a lot of progress on my goals and that bums me out. Well, all I can do is just keep on truckin’!

What are you going to be for Halloween?


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