Cowboys, Aliens & Germs

Today went off not quiet how I expected it to.

I got up as usual and did my hour long lap swim.


I ate breakfast as usual as well. In fact, the exact same breakfast I had yesterday!

After my biology lecture (in which I found out I didn’t do as hot on the exam as I felt like I’d done..) I went to work and it was while walking to my car to get there that things suddenly changed. I came down with flu like symptoms quickly! Really warm, dizzy, overall bleh feeling. I was not a happy camper. So I called it a day, and went home at lunch.


Once home I crawled in to bed to sleep, but the kittens kept jumping on me and reminding me I should eat lunch. So I did, just to make them happy of course. ~.^ I stuck with what I had packed up the night before. Delicious butternut squash, millet, and cranberry salad, roasted veggies, and some fakin’ bacon tempeh. Along with banana and crunchy PB to finish it off!

It was, again, the perfect meal.

I then slept for a few hours and woke up feeling a good deal better and with an intense craving.


I indulged. Skim milk + graham cracker PB&J’s = heaven. I also had an unpictured piece of Cinnamon Swirl bread. >.< Let’s just say I had to have more carbohydrates.


I then settled back in my nice queen sized bed with these two adorable pumpkins. They kept me warm.


I somehow managed to get through the chapter I needed read for tomorrow, but with these sweet faces around me it was hard!! How can you ignore that preciousness!?


I kept dinner light due to my carbo snackage and my evening plans. Mixed greens, blue cheese, candied walnuts, dried tart cherries, and cherry balsamic! I am in love.


And then Chase picked me up to go see Cowboys & Aliens! Yes this was a summer film but our movie theater (the only nice one..) just installed two new HUGE screens (The Big D is what they call it) with leather seats and the whole works. They’re running a special showing older films for only $5! We had to check it out.


I munched on movie theater popcorn (no butter), Tootsie Rolls and Jelly Beans. ❤ Yes I know I’m trying to lay off the sweets but this was a real event!


After the movie, which was good, we went to Coldstone to share a Like-it size Banana ice cream with almonds for less than $2! We’re all about the good deals. ~.^ The banana ice cream was simply amazing. Rich, creamy, decadent; I was glad we had the almonds in there for some texture. I’m also very glad we split it since holy cow this is a small!?

It was a wonderful night. ❤

Well even though I get to sleep in tomorrow I’m hitting the sack. Still feeling not entirely myself and want to kick this bug in the butt! Gnight!


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