Back In the Kitchen

Today sucked. I really wanted to quit my job. That much suck. But when I came home and got back in the kitchen and made a delicious meal, everything felt a little bit better. =) I’d forgotten how much I love to cook.

Anyway let’s start from the beginning. I woke up bright and early and got in my hour long lap swim. Before I was even done swimming I was thinking about my breakfast..boy was I hungry!


Greek yogurt, ground flax, fresh raspberries, fresh pomegranate seeds, crunchy peanut butter, and a little bit of Kashi Golean Crunch! It was sooo good I was sad when it was finished!


Lunch was just as amazing as my breakfast! I made a simple mixed green salad with blue cheese and dried tart cherries and topped it with my new cherry balsamic! Oh my gods it totally took the salad to another level! I highly recommend splurging and getting a ritzy oil or vinegar to spice up your salads. It seriously made me just want to eat salad and nothing else!

However, I didn’t have more salad with me so I made due with some curried pumpkin soup and a roll (from the Mustard Seed). Completely perfect lunch.003

It was missing a sweet ending though so I also enjoyed a banana. =)


After a terrible day at work, I stopped by the grocery store to grab some ingredients for the recipes I had planned tonight. While I was there I browsed the peanut butters on sale (since there may be a shortage!!) and picked up a few fun ones. Earth Balance Crunchy PB with flaxseed, Sunland PB Creamy Caramel Spread, and Sunland PB Creamy Banana Spread.


Of course I had to try them all! You know, the Earth Balance one was perfect. I will definitely stock up on those. The other two have a lot more sugar than I like but they are still a fun treat! Enjoyed on my favorite graham crackers, a little raspberry jam, and ice cold skim milk!

I allowed this none fruit snack because it took me over an hour and a half to prepare my dinner!!


Emily @ Daily Garnish’s Butternut Squash and Cranberry Maple Millet, Vegan Tempeh Fakin’ Bacon, and some simple roasted veggies (turnips, white carrots, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and eggplant). It all turned out absolutely amazing! I love having my fridge packed with amazing healthy food that I actually want to eat!

It was damn well time I got back in the kitchen. =) I’m going to work my hardest to stay in there!

Do you like to cook?


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