I’m sure a lot of you don’t know what Blizzcon is. It’s been a part of my life for the last 6 years and though I haven’t gotten to attend the actual convention in 3 years, it’s still a big celebration no matter where I am!

Blizzcon is a computer gaming convention for the company Blizzard. My cousin works for the company so I have a lot of pride in it. I also was a World of Warcraft (their best selling game) addict for 5 years of my life…Don’t worry I’m not anymore! Now I watch because the competitive gaming competitions they have are really fun and exciting to watch! It’s like my version of football.

Anyway, yesterday was the start of Blizzcon and Chase and I got together to watch and celebrate it! But first, the rest of the day…

I woke up on time but ran 5 minutes behind. =( That 10 minutes costed me my normal parking spot by the pool, so it made me even later to start my morning swim. Due to this fact and the stress of having my biology exam that morning I only did a 50 minute lap swim.


Then I was ready for breakfast! This Nature’s Path Optimum Slim cereal is really impressing me. Cereal hardly ever keeps me full but this one is doing the trick! I had just 1 cup of it, dried cherries, skim milk, and a banana. Now if only it tasted a little more wow!


Before heading to a long day of work (I normally never work Friday afternoon’s but of all days today was the day they needed me to), I grabbed a grande nonfat almond latte with a free punch card I’d had saved up. Yeah I got a grande because the plan was to sip on all day. I normally find I have an energy lull around 3pm so I wanted to be ready for it. Turns out a grande is just way too much! Even sipping it all day I couldn’t finish it. Oh wells, it was free!


Lunch was enjoyed at my desk. Curry Pumpkin Soup with a sprinkle of pearled barley, carrots, pear, and a string cheese. Sadly only half the pair could be enjoyed…another overly ripe fruit. Whoops!

This soup is soo tasty but I forgot about why I don’t eat beans. My stomach really really fails at digesting them. I mean sure everyone gets gas but my stomach completely bloats uncomfortable to the point of being painful. =/ I think I’m gonna get some different pills to see if it helps so I can finish this soup but after, I should stay clear of them.


As soon as it hit 5:30pm I booked it out of work and over to Chase’s place! He had my absolute favorite Bridge Pizza waiting for me! The Madison: Walnuts & Homemade Pineapple Chutney on White Sauce. Holy yum. If I were an inmate on death row, this would be my last meal. I had two pieces with some raw veggies on the side.


And then the hours and hours of Blizzcon footage ensued along with some nutritionally deficient candy! A handful of Tootsie rolls..


And way too many peanut M&M’s! Hey it’s a party!

I had a really great time watching Blizzcon with Chase and to think that we still have a ton more footage to get through makes me so happy that my speech and exam are all done with and I can just have have a good time this weekend!

Speaking of a good time, Chase and I are going to our friend, Erika’s, 22nd birthday party tonight so probably no blog post until tomorrow! Have a great Saturday all!

Have you recovered from an addiction?


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