Hump Day

Man am I ready for the weekend. This week has been slow and hard. Probably due to both of my classes coming to a head and working more hours than I’ve worked in the past, but it is totally taking it’s toll on me.

I woke up and still got in my hour long lap swim. The first 15 minutes though were agony. My arm muscles really need a break but they will just have to wait until the weekend!


Same ‘ol breakfast: Greek yogurt, fresh and dried blueberries, flax, almond butter, banana. I am now out of yogurt though so look out world here comes some variety!


I was home for lunch due to a doctor’s appointment. I really wanted to get in some veggies and since I have no leftovers to eat I made an egg scramble! Bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, spinach, green onion, parmesan, Egg Beaters, and ketchup. Along with a toasted English muffin with raspberry jam. ❤


I finished lunch with a sweet. A sweet and delicious banana with a spoonful of peanut butter. Back to the organic no-sugar kind. =( I’ve spoiled myself. This nut butter paled in comparison.


After a long day at work Chase offered to make me feel better by taking me out for a quick dinner. We went to one of my favorite places, The Good Food Store, and had their hot item for the day. Pizza! I have been craving pizza so badly lately. My pizza had: Walnut Pesto, Artichoke Hearts, Organic Spinach, Kalamata Olives, Organic Red Onion, Feta Cheese & Roasted Red Pepper. It was yummy, but a little too cheesy for me.


Chase also got us a Peanut butter, Banana, and Fudge smoothie to share! It was really decadent and I’m glad he downed most of it!


Dinner was quick and fun but I had a lifetime of cellular and molecular biology to study. =( I’m really really worried about this exam on Friday. I don’t have any of this information down! For dessert I had a slice of Great Harvest’s Cinnamon Swirl with a glass of ice cold skim milk.

Well, this was my break from studying.  -_- Back to the grind…


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