Marvelous Monday

Today was a surprisingly good Monday! I think I am being surprised by the greatness of days lately. Is that bad? I just don’t expect to have a good day…

Anyway I woke up bright and early and got in my hour long lap swim. It felt great!


I was very excited for my breakfast since it was in my almost finished Peanut Butter Co. Crunch Time jar! Costco Greek yogurt, fresh and dried blueberries, flax, and a banana. Holy yum. I am seriously a yogurt addict.


Lunch as very colorful today! And yes a little bit of artificial…in the form of amazing peanut M&M’s! Plus the more wholesome quinoa noodles and butternut squash sauce and roasted vegetables, and a half of an orange. Only half because sadly one side had gone bad!

After a good day of work and a nice foot detox soak with my mother, we were off to a fancy place for dinner.


The Keep Restaurant!


We ate in the bar since we didn’t want anything super fancy or large. It all started with way too much bread. 3 slices!


For dinner I ate 2/3rds of grilled salmon with pesto aioli, Caesar salad and most of my baked potato with sour cream and green onions. It was a good meal, but nothing I’d come back for.


The scenery was spectacular though. ❤

Now I am getting ready to do my speech on excessive sodium in processed foods tomorrow and spending some time with Chase and the kittens.

Hope everyone else had just as good of a Monday as I did!


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