The Office Picnic

I swear I am going to get caught up and start blogging on the day of the event instead of the day after!! I keep getting home tired and late. Yeah, my babies don’t appreciate it either. In fact, this morning to show their disdain, even after I woke up early and fed them, I had both of the, Vinni and Ophie, all 25 lbs of love, perched across my chest. They were soo cute but obviously not wanting me to go absolutely anywhere today. So I think I’ll have to listen to them and stay in.

Anyways breakfast started with one of Vinni’s favorites.008-1

Yes my big boy loves yogurt. I had to have a bowl not only because I was craving it but because I couldn’t turn down his big begging eyes when I asked him what I should have for breakfast. Costco Greek yogurt, almond butter, flax, banana, fresh and dried blueberries, and a sprinkle of toasted almonds. Mmm mm.

Next up I had to get the food I was bringing to the picnic going! I made Oh She Glow’s Asparagus and Potato Salad and Gina’s Skinny Recipe’s Pumpkin Cupcakes with Pumpkin Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting.

Office Picnic 002

Of course I had to try one of the cupcakes to make sure they were edible! Yum. I love all things pumpkin. ❤

Office Picnic 004

After about an hour of driving to Dave’s (my mother’s boyfriend) ranch, we finally had lunch around 2pm. Yes I was very hungry by then and also ended up snacking on unpictured sweet potato chips.

Lunch was a Gardenburger Chipotle Black Bean burger with avocado, tomato, lettuce, and pepper, some of my asparagus and potato salad, and a Mike’s Hard Raspberry Lemonade.

Office Picnic 005

After eating Chase and I had some fun on the ATV! That’s why were so close, I’m driving ^^. Please note that he is actually smiling in this picture! Surprised smile

Office Picnic 006

Dave’s ranch is located in the beautiful backcountry of Montana.

Office Picnic 007

We went on a nice nature walk with everyone…

Office Picnic 009

..and found gnomes! Very cutely placed throughout the path. ^_^

Office Picnic 015

My coworker’s boys, Chase and Jaden, also got to take their turn’s at fishing!

Office Picnic 016

Which consisted mainly of Dave teaching them what to do. It was really cute.

Office Picnic 017

We all stood around and watched. Even Sarah’s new baby was alert and watchful!

Office Picnic 018

Dinner was very late and was preluded by probably way too many unpictured peanut butter filled pretzels. Note to self: don’t start snacking at parties!!

Chase (older one) was in charge of making the salads in only 25 minutes! He was judged on taste, presentation, and the overall use of the ingredients. So he made me this crazy star thing. ^_^ Pretty, but a little difficult to eat!

Office Picnic 019

I also had a slice of garlic bread and some Quinoa Gluten-free noodles with Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash sauce. Yeah, I would have liked more vegetables and am definitely going to doctor up the leftovers.

Office Picnic 020

When I got home around 1am, my stomach was hurting and I assumed that was due to food. So I had yet another delicious slice of Great Harvest Pumpkin Swirl and a glass of skim milk and called it a night.

Another really good day was had, but man I need to start paying more attention to my snacking before it gets really really out of control! Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. I am getting straight to work on my speech for Tuesday. >.<


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