Eating What You Crave

Today turned out to be a really good day eating-wise and productive-wise! I slept in as long as my babies would let me then had me some breakfast.


Instead of eating what I thought I should eat, I instead went with what I knew I’d be craving in-between meals all day. ^_^ A warm slice of Pumpkin Swirl with a glass of skim milk, and a banana and crunchy peanut butter!

Have you heard about the projected peanut shortage? I need to stock up!


My perfect breakfast kept me satisfied all morning. Around 1pm I felt a little weak and decided lunch was in order. I, again, ate what I was craving. The leftover Asparagus and Potato salad from yesterday’s picnic, on top of a huge bed of spinach, plus some canned beets I’ve had in the fridge for way too long! For a sweet, I munched on a Bitterroot Mac with some more peanut butter. ❤ Super filling and satisfying lunch.


I clearly didn’t stick to my routine hour of biking today so instead I tried something “new”. I wrapped up my hands and beat up…


My old punching bag, Bob! It felt really good and reminded me how much I love aerobic kickboxing. I used to do it everyday throughout middle school and the start of high school. I really miss it but the one place that has it here just doesn’t work for my budget or schedule. Hopefully once I move to Seattle I can find an awesome class to join. I only did this impromptu sweat session for a little bit, but it really warmed up my muscles and got me sweating.

This is just what I needed to get me going. I showered, dressed, laced up my tennies, grabbed Tammy, and went on an hour long walk. Yes it was a low-key day but at least there was some activity!


Dinner was ate about 6pm. It’s odd but I’ve been feeling light headed and weak lately before I ever feel hungry. It’s getting annoying! I had leftover Quinoa noodles from yesterday, roasted vegetables (eggplant, Brussel sprouts, onions, peppers), and a Vegan Boca. Simple yet delicious.


For dessert I yet again listened to what I what I wanted. Another slice of Pumpkin Swirl and skim milk! I’m seriously in love with this bread…and that’s something I thought I’d never say!

I am very ready for this coming week. I get to swim everyday (even Thursday!), have my 2nd speech on Tuesday (which I feel ready for), have my 2nd cell and molec exam on Friday (still need to get to that one..), and also have a Blizzcon date on Friday! Followed by a friend’s birthday party on Saturday! I love having things to look forward to. ^_^


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