Carby Goodness

I apologize again for posting a day after the fact! I again didn’t turn in until really late last night, and with the amount of wine I’d had I really didn’t even think about blogging. =P Let’s just say, Friday was a great night!

It started with me jumping out of bed (I really thought I’d be tired but I wasn’t!) and getting in my hour long lap swim. My leg muscles were super stiff from my run yesterday, but I powered through it and got a nice workout.

First Date 011

I am sure this breakfast is getting old to look at but I seriously love it! I don’t even miss not having a grain in with it (Kashi anyone?). Costoco Greek Yogurt, almond butter, fresh and dried bluebs, ground flax, toasted almonds, and a banana! I need to work on varying my breakfasts….

First Date 012

At noon, a half hour away from lunch, I opened it up early with a Apple Pie Larabar. I was just too hungry to wait!

First Date 026

Due to this early 1st lunch, I was able to get in a few errands before I got home for 2nd lunch at 1:30. The best leftovers ever. Polenta and grilled vegetables! I love this. Seriously. I should work on copying it but I’m sure they put waaayy to much cream in their polenta. ^^

First Date 028

To end my lunch with something sweet I had my daily banana and peanut butter.


At 6pm, I knew I was headed out to meet my friend Jesse for drinks and possibly dinner, but I couldn’t ignore the hunger any longer so I had a small bowl of Kashi Golean Crunch, blueberries, and skim milk.


And then my dad showed up with a freshly made loaf of Pumpkin Swirl from Great Harvest! I immediately had a slice. My Cookie Friday treat?


Due to this carby consumption I wasn’t hungry for dinner, so Jesse and I just at at the bar at The Mustard Seed and drank one of the best red wines I’ve ever had! Castle Rock Syrah. Holy yum. I had two glasses. ^_^

Jesse is a knitter and brought me a gift!


She knitted me my very own pair of mittens! I was in dire need of these since I gave my pair from last year to my sister and it is getting about that time of year to have them on again! This photo doesn’t do them justice; They are purple and white zig-zagged.


After two glasses of wine we both felt a little hungry so when the bar tender offered us dessert we decided to split one. This was a caramel macchiato…something! The bar tender totally sold us on it but we had no idea what exactly it was! It was delicious that’s for sure.


Clearly with my two glasses of wine I was in no place to drive so Chase was very sweet and came and picked me up at the restaurant. We went back to his place and had a little more wine (seriously I didn’t finish another glass) and some sesame thins. We had a lot of fun just playing Scrabble together and watching TV.

Eventually when he brought me home my stomach seriously needed some soaking up alcohol help. I ended up eating an unpictured slice of Pumpkin Swirl bread and a glass of skim milk. It did the trick because I am a O.K. this morning!

Today we have an office picnic to attend. Hopefully lots of fun photos tonight. =)


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