I’m Getting Old.

-_- My back has been killing me today! Very strange feeling. Just on my right side between my butt and my ribs. It’s been making everything very rough! Oddly enough, it was fine this morning for my one hour lap swim. In fact, I completely rocked that hour! Seriously, the most powerful I’ve felt in a long time.


Breakfast was delicious afterwards. More Costco Greek Yogurt mixed with fresh and dried blueberries, ground flax, almond butter, a pinch of toasted almonds (not enough..) and a banana! I ❤ yogurt! I am going to start making a big batch of oatmeal for the week, but I still will probably have to mix it up with yogurt too.


I was so ready for lunch today. In fact I snacked on some raw almonds throughout the day due to being hungry so often! Maybe I need to work on making my meals bigger? O.o I always feel full after though…Anyway lunch was the last of my delicious leftovers (quionoa/barley, roasted veggies, butternut squash sauce), another pear, and a Nature Valley Granola Thin!

Like I said, it was really filling, but before work was over my stomach was grumbling again and I had to eat some more almonds.


When I got home I ate my ritual banana and peanut butter.


And then realized hey! I was still hungry! So go ahead and make dinner fool! Still craving peanut butter, I had a toasted English muffin with the delicious stuff and raspberry jam. To get some veggies in I made some eggs and bell peppers with ketchup. Also a big mug of skim milk. ❤ It blows my mind how much I like dairy now.


For dessert I wanted more dairy and more peanut butter. >.> Large slice of Great Harvest’s Breakfast Blast and more skim milk! Yum!

Odyessus, my betta fish, breathed his last breath today. He survived the night somehow forcing himself to get to the top of the tank to get air, but when I got home this evening he was gone. =( I don’t ever want another fish.

I at least was productive tonight. My speech on excessive sodium in packaged foods is now outlined. This is a huge victory! I don’t give my speech until next Tuesday but I have enough to do this weekend and a lot more to do to get ready for the actual presentation.

I’m pretty excited for tomorrow because I have a long looked forward to date. =) More tomorrow! Have a goodnight! I am going to put a hot pack on my back >.<


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