It’s A Start

Well with my new goals in mind, I tackled today with a vengeance. I woke up at immediately got in a good hour long lap swim. That always makes me feel good because I know the hardest, physical, part of my day is already over!

Billings Trip 001

For breakfast I heated up some really really old crockpot strawberry steel cut oats I had frozen way back in the summer. I reheated it with water and added some almond butter. It was really awful. The texture; the flavors. Bleh! I ate a little over half and threw it away. I guess the rest of this stuff Tammy will be enjoying for dinner!

Billings Trip 004

My lunch was in two parts today. First I had my string cheese while I ran out and got some errands done.

Billings Trip 005

Once I was back at the office, I sat at my desk and had delicious leftovers from last night (quinoa/barley mix, roasted vegetables, and Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash sauce) and a crisp tart apple. Perfection!

Billings Trip 007

Around 7, it was finally dinner time! I had done a foot detox with my mother this evening so she always takes me out somewhere nice. ^^ The Mustard Seed is one of my favorite restaurants and I always order the same thing: Teriyaki Tofu Salad. I ate every bite tonight!

Billings Trip 008

I also really enjoyed my fortune from my cookie.

Billings Trip 009

For dessert, my mom and I split some amaretto gelato! It was tasty but not something I’d pick again. 

Billings Trip 010

And then I went home and worked on ruining all the hard work I put in today! I ate two bananas with crunch peanut butter! I just had this intense craving that I couldn’t ignore and the more I fed it the more I wanted it.  -_- I think I may be seriously stressed. Going to try and work more peanut butter and bananas into my actual meals so I don’t have to crave them.

How was your Monday?


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