Sushi Night

So I am almost ready to start posting my regular daily eats but yesterday was not that day. Sorry this is a day late but I figured I could at least show you all the smorgasbord that was dinner!

Every Monday and Wednesday our local (pretty much only) sushi place, Sushi Hana, has $1 Sushi Nights! My friends, Stephanie and Karlie, love to go to these due to our love of sushi and our sad student wallets. We hadn’t been in almost four months, so last night was the night.


I started with some warm plum wine. For the record, I only really enjoy plum wine on the ricks. >.< This was way too syrupy for my tastes but I managed to drink about half the carafe.


I also ordered a little sunomono which is traditionally a Japanese cucumber salad marinated in rice vinegar. Sushi Hana’s is a little bit different than tradition though, and is actually sweetened and delectable!


And then the rounds began! I enjoyed some tamago (egg) rolls, avocado rolls, and a few California rolls.


In the second round I had some inari zushi (fried tofu pockets), more unpictured tamago rolls, and some more California rolls. Boy was I stuffed!


The fun thing about these dinner partners is that no matter what we always go find dessert somewhere! This time we ended up a Mackenzie River, which is actually a pizza place, but both Steph and Karlie love their Mack Lovin’ dessert:Chocolate chip cookies served piping hot with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. In fact…they ordered us two! O.O008

Now you may be thinking, “But Robyn, don’t you hate chocolate chip cookies?” And yes, I would agree. But then I would remind you that I’m also a push over and want to please people. ^^ So I indulged and the chocolate just made it easier to stop. Still, after sharing two of these I felt sick.

I’m glad we only do these get togethers every so often otherwise I don’t think I’d survive!

I’m feeling quiet a bit better today (Thursday) so hopefully there will be a real post tonight! Hope you all have a great day.

Do you like chocolate chip cookies?


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