Ah it feels so good to be productive. This morning I only slept in a half hour, then got up and went right to work on reading the next chapter for cell and molec and taking notes. Eventually I realized I was hungry for breakfast!


Since Thursday’s are my hot breakfast days I knew exactly what I wanted to cook. Pumpkin oats! Toppings: a spoonful of crunch peanut butter and craisins. Yum! There will be a lot more of this in the months to come.

After completing my biology studying, I jumped on my stationary bike and biked for an hour. I’m definitely not as fast as I once was when I biked daily, but still adequate I think. 16.1 miles!


The problem with eating breakfast so early is that I find I’m super hungry for lunch early too! After working out and showering my body hungered for salty food. I stupidly ate two servings of these devil chips and salsa.  -_- This completely upset my stomach. I could not even fathom eating lunch around 1pm.


So I ate a little summer red apple with some crunch peanut butter. I’m really enjoying this Archer Farms Organic PB I bought at Target. It’s got great consistency when stored in the fridge! Think Jiff but no scary ingredients!


At 4pm my stomach noticed that it hadn’t gotten enough food today. Luckily my sweet mother had bought me this Trek Bar yesterday and I had left it at the office. I ate about 2/3 of it and boy was it tasty! I was glad there were no chocolate chips in it. They would have ruined it!


At 6pm I had a coffee date with my ex-coworker Tyler. I drank a short nonfat chai tea. I need to remind myself I don’t like Starbucks chai! I should have gone with the pumpkin spice latte. >.< Oh wells.


By 8pm, I was so hungry for dinner! I quickly heated up a Quorn Chick’n Cutlet, my “Southern Vegetable” leftovers from last night, and some grilled vegetables. Mmm I devoured this plate.


Unfortunately it didn’t tide me over for long. An hour later I needed dessert! Another slice of Dad’s Plum Torte to the rescue!

I apologize for any blurry photos or misspelled words today! I am hopefully getting LASIK eye surgery in December and my mother had to do some of the pre-op tests on me today. I can’t read anything right now it’s soo blurry! Hopefully will be gone when I wake up. >.<

Announcement: I am leaving on a trip tomorrow and I won’t be back until very late Monday night. I am taking a vacation from life and that includes blogging! So please have a great weekend without me!


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