Turning In

Super quick post tonight because even though it is not 9pm, I am crawling in bed early! I had horrible sleep last night and woke up a total of 3 times before my alarm at 6:30am.

I still had a really good one hour lap swim this morning though. I’m really enjoying working on the different strokes. My goal for the coming year: learn the flip turn (soo cool) and the breaststroke!


Breakfast: Strawberry Chobani mixed with chunky peanut butter and a broken up Apple Pie Larabar. It didn’t even need the Larabar, I just had it for more sustenance. Greek yogurt + nut butter = pure bliss. Seriously, give it a try. It is the creamiest thing you’ll ever eat!


Lunch: More vegetable and noodle soup, string cheese, Kashi Pumpkin Spice Crunch bar (much better than the layered one I had yesterday, not so freaking sweet!), and a gorgeous summer red apple.


Again I arrived home after work completely famished. I devoured a small summer red with a lot of chunky peanut butter.


Not even a half hour later I was still super hungry. I didn’t want to eat a real meal because I had plans to grill with my dad tonight! So I gave in and had a zillion tortilla chips (the devil!) with salsa.


The moment my dad pulled in to the driveway I was at the door greeting him with “Welcome home! Let’s make dinner.” We had grilled corn, grilled vegetables (eggplant, bell peppers, red onion), a Vegan Boca burger for me, and some cherry tomatoes.

Holy moly I was full after that.

And now I’m headed straight to bed!


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