Today was extremely relaxing.


Ophelia even enjoyed it. Basically I just lounged around all day in my pj’s watching True Blood and studying for my exam on Monday. I also managed to keep my snacking habits in check which I am extremely proud of. I’m not toing to lie, it’s been hard lately.


I woke up with a tremendous craving for crunch peanut butter and jelly. Alas, we are completely out of English muffins and even bread for that matter. So what did I do? Something I never thought I would! You see, I normally loathe pancakes. I don’t like their texture nor their taste. But as the only vehicle for my PB&J I let my disdain slide. And it was delicious.

I used an old Fiber One Original pancake mix I’ve had for years, added water and chia seeds, and grilled them up! Topped one with PB&J and the other with bananas, almond butter, and toasted almonds. Enjoyed with a glass of skim milk. It was exactly what I was craving.


I waited until I was really hungry for lunch today, and it made it so much more enjoyable. Around 1:30 I heated up some of my vegetable and noodle soup and baked the last of my Ian’s Sweet Potato Fries. Plus a side of grapes for something sweet!


Sadly lunch didn’t hold me over until dinner. Around 3:30 I had a hankering for more milk. >.< So I had a 1/2 glass (all that was left!) with a new flavor of Kashi granola bar: Pumpkin Spice Flax. This flavor is good! I liked how the pumpkin spice wasn’t too overwhelming. Made me want a Pumpkin Spice Latte though. ~.^


At 7pm I couldn’t wait for dinner any longer! I cooked some new pasta (just regular pinwheels) and topped it with my vegetarian spaghetti sauce and a pinch of parmesan. I also made myself a big spinach salad with canned beets, craisins, feta, candied walnuts, and balsamic. The meal was just so-so. I think I really need to get better at either freezing half of what I cook or making less because this sauce is really getting old for me!


For dessert I enjoyed a small red summer apple with a spoonful of crunch peanut butter. ❤ A perfect ending to a peaceful and relaxing day.

How often do you take “relax days”?


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