Fruits & Veggies

Phew! Monday is officially over. It was long and there was a moment where I thought it was Tuesday but then sadly was reminded of the harsh cold reality.  -_- Monday. You know, I feel bad for people named Monday! They must feel “the Mondays” extra hard!

Against the wants of my body I woke up bright and early and headed to the pool. Boy is it getting busy in the mornings now. At one point we had five people in one lane! I hate when it’s busy. It makes it so much harder to just zone out and concentrate on making each stroke strong. After one hour of lap swimming, I was most definitely ready for breakfast.


Perhaps this breakfast is getting a little boring? Kashi Golean Curnch with toasted almonds and ground flax, Strawberry Chobani, and some fresh figs! The figs were actually a really great taste and texture element in the mix. Figs are a good source of dietary fiber, potassium, and manganese by the way!

Now since it was Monday, I was really feeling worn out. Honestly, my eyes were dropping and concentrating was hard. I decided to treat myself to coffee.


One tall nonfat vanilla latte. I hate buying coffee on campus because they rarely have a short (8 oz)! So therefore I have to pay more and get a tall, only to throw out some of it anyway since I can’t drink 12 oz! My stomach gets upset before then due to the high acidity of coffee. =/


Lunch was around 1pm today, and though I wasn’t starving, I devoured it. Once the food touched my lips I realized I was indeed famished. Hell I even ate my salad without dressing! Spinach, figs, feta, and sunflower seeds. I also brought a cup of roasted vegetables from last night and a gorgeous local Summer Red apple. It was filling and nutritious!


After a long day of work, I came home ravenous. I had to eat something right away. There was no thought of cooking. I saw the homegrown plum torte my dad had baked last night and I dug in. Hey, at least there’s fruit in it right? ^_^ It was delicious, soft, tart, had a nice crunch in all the right places. Life’s short, eat dessert first!


Around 8pm I decided a veggie filled dinner was in order. The main star? These cute patty pan squash I bought at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday! ((forgive the hideous yellow tinted photo! The sun is setting earlier and earlier..))


I made a spaghetti sauce with a plethora of vegetables (broccoli, onion, garlic, patty pan squash, peppers, and eggplant), a bag of Boca Ground Crumbles, and a jar and a half of tomato and basil sauce. And of course rounded it out with some whole wheat spaghetti noodles. ^_^

This meal is such an easy thing to make and I love that you can seriously pack a ton of nutrition into it. Just sauté your favorite vegetables and protein in one pan, add sauce and simmer while you cook the noodles in another. The best part: now I have lunch/dinner for the rest of the week!

Looking over what I ate today I can honestly say I am happy with my choices to include fruits and/or vegetables in everything I eat. I challenge you all to do the same!

Shout-out to my mom’s friend, Rita! I hear you are an avid reader and just wanted to say thank you. =)

How do you get your fruits and veggies in?


One thought on “Fruits & Veggies

  1. You are so cute and so brave to share your life with the internet. Of course what happens to us does affect what we eat, but you got a good handle on it. Keep it up, Rita

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