Long Day

I apologize that this post is super late! It is now after midnight here and I am unable to sleep so I figured I’d be productive and write this now. Today has been (and is!) a super long day but I filled it with so many events I wanted to be sure to share them.

It started with me waking up, deciding to take a rest day, showering, and preparing for the day. Which, of course, started with breakfast.


I really wasn’t feeling anything fancy, so I settled for a slice of Great Harvest Breakfast Blast and a banana with sunflower seed butter plus a glass of skim milk. It hit the spot.

Then I was off to the Farmer’s Market! It was so gorgeous there today!


Curious about these locally grown Summer Red apples, I received a cute miniature one as a sample! It was perfect. Sweet but with a nice tartness. I bought 3 lbs of them along with some carrots and patty pan squash.


I also browsed a few of the shops downtown since I was there. At one of them I found this adorable mug and bowl (below)! I seriously almost bought them on the spot, but decided saving up to move was more important. Are they not perfect though?006

After downtown, I had a list of errands to do! These errands all evolved around: recycling! I took a huge box of electronics/cords to Best Buy and should be receiving $15 from their Reward Zone program for doing it! Free money for doing good deeds! I’ll take it.

I also stopped by Target to recycle glass and plastic bags.014

If I had a dog this would so be their Halloween costume.


After running about all morning I was ready for lunch as soon as I got home. Today I had a Gardenburger Black Bean Burger on top of fresh spinach and sprinkled with feta and my homegrown cherry tomatoes! Plus ketchup. On the side I had a few servings of good ol’ tortilla chips. Yep, they still got me.


I had a dinner date for this evening so around 5 when my stomach started to growl I fed it a Kashi Peanutty Dark Chocolate Layered Granola Bar. Holy yum these are good. Seriously dessert.


Around 7:30 we finally made it to the restaurant, Sapore, and I started with an overpriced glass of pinot grigio. 


And of course a complementary slice of bread with EVOO. In Italy, all I’m eating is this. In Italy.


For my entrée I went with something a little different! It was cold out tonight so I decided to rock the soup! Parmesan Brodo:  House made parmesan broth with summer sweet corn wild mushrooms and fresh herbs. You know what? It was exactly what I wanted. Delicious broth, amazing corn, and mushrooms? Well, they’re growing on me! (Not literally!) I loved the soup.


My date and I (my good friend Jessi, all the way back in middle school!) decided to go next store to the The Break coffee shop to grab some cheaper desserts. She and I split this giant peanut butter cookie, but I ended up eating most of it since she also snagged a root beer float. ^_^

After dinner we were off to the movies! The University Center plays movies that are about to come out on DVD in their theater at very very reduced cost! It only cost us $3 each! We saw Super 8 since we’d both seen it before and had completely loved it. I think I liked it even better this second time. If you haven’t seen it, do! It’s totally worth it.


And now since I’m up so late….my stomach begged for a snack! Glass of skim and some more Breakfast Blast! I have big plans for tomorrow, but I just can’t get my body and mind to rest!  -_- Maybe taking a rest day isn’t good for me after all.

Stay tuned for tonight to see some hopefully exciting and fun photos of me as…a zombie!

Have you seen Super 8? What did you think?


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