Sometimes the Gods Just Like You

I am not going to lie. I was really dreading today. I woke up realizing that Tuesdays are my cellular and molecular biology discussion group days, and that means that I had a bio quiz that I didn’t prepare at all for. On top of that, today was the day I had to give my first speech in my public speaking class. ./shudder I loathe public speaking. Plus it’s a split shift day at work, so I have to head there twice in one day! >.<

However, even with all this unpleasantness ahead of me, I got right out of bed, drove to the pool, and got in a solid one hour lap swim. If you are not a morning workout person, I honestly think you should give swimming a try. The water wakes you up and it feels soo good to get your muscles going first thing.


After swimming I was definitely ready for a good nutritious breakfast. Introducing my new go to “on the go” breakfast: Kashi Golean Crunch, ground flax, almond butter, 6 oz. Chobani (this one was strawberry), and a banana! I put this all together, mushed it up, and enjoyed! I should calculate how much protein it is cause I’m sure it’s at least half my daily requirement!

I nice surprise took place in my biology discussion class: review before the quiz! I am pretty sure I aced it. ~.^ I love it when someone up these likes you and doesn’t let you look like the fail student you are.


Again at lunch time, 12:30, I wasn’t starving but knew if I didn’t eat I would be. Besides, I had a big speech to survive, and that doesn’t happen on an empty stomach! Salad of spinach, golden beets, feta, pepitas, craisins, and a splash of an apple cider vinaigrette I have had sitting around forever. Plus a free slice of Great Harvest’s 3-Cheese Garlic bread, a carrot, and a few figs.

I saved my Kashi granola bar for later, but ended up saving a classmate of mine from starvation with it instead. What can I say? I love to feed people good food!

The biggest success of my day was definitely rocking my speech. I don’t know how I did it but everyone was blown away. Hell, I was blown away too. I suppose sometimes it’s best just to wing it and see what’s inside you! ^_^


Once I got home from work around 6pm, I ate a banana and the rest of an almost empty peanut butter jar. (This seems to be becoming routine..) I’m just so famished when I get home I need something right away, but then this something holds my dinner over until around 8pm. Works for me I guess!


While I sat about studying biology and writing an evaluation on my speech presentation, I sipped on this class of moscato. ❤ I am going to miss summer for it’s sweet white wines. Sure you can still drink them, but they just don’t’ feel the same!


Eventually dinner was in order. I had leftover korma tofu and veggies (still not very good) and a side of tortilla chips. Strange combination yes, but the rice had gone bad! =( I knew if I didn’t eat more carbs with my meal that I’d be snacky later. I had two bowls of the chips pictured.


For dessert I enjoyed this perfectly ripe pear.

Yay for the middle of the week tomorrow! I just want these weeks to fly by so I can finish this semester, pack up my life, and move to Seattle! I’m ready for a new start. =/ Speaking of, I leave you with this beautiful song from the musical Jekyll & Hyde:


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