This day started off good. I popped right out bed when my alarm went off at 6:30am and headed straight to the pool where I enjoyed a one hour lap swim. I am really enjoying getting my workout done first thing. There’s no excuses!


My breakfast, while not photo friendly, had some serious staying power! Seriously, my stomach didn’t growl one before lunch time! Protein, man. It’s where it’s at! It was just my regular yogurt mess of low fat plain yogurt (only 1/2 cup since it was the last of it!), 1/2 cup Kashi Golean Crunch, tsp ground flax, all the leftover gooseberries, and a tbsp of sunflower seed butter. It really tasted of fall…I’m not sure why! (Note to self: go buy some pumpkin!)


Even though I wasn’t starving, I still enjoyed my lunch outside in the sun. The last of my Roasted Rainbow Orzo Salad was enjoyed with some grapes, carrots, and two fresh figs! Also the string cheese was enjoyed at the end of work.


I realize I never showed you all my new lunch bag! Isn’t it adorable? Good luck kitty and dango!? It was made for me. I picked up this perfectness in Seattle. ^_^


After work I was in a serious bad mood. The day had just not gone well. So I was not ready to get to cooking so instead I had a healthy snack of banana and peanut butter. It held me over for a good 2.5 hours!


And eventually I did succumb to dinner. Tofu and veggies in a korma sauce on top of rice! I decided to give Tasty Bite’s Good Korma cooking sauce a try when I saw how easy it was to use it! Unfortunately the sauce had no wow. It lacked in flavor actually. =/ But my tofu was good!

When I as in Seattle, my friend Del shared with me her tofu secret. Freeze it! Then thaw it! And oh my gods the texture is so much better. Seriously, give it a try.


For dessert I enjoyed this Costco chocolate milk and some broken graham crackers. ❤ I think I am a graham addict!

Sorry this post is a little boring but I don’t have time to be witty! I have my first speech to give to my Intro to Public Speaking class tomorrow and must practice. >.< I hate public speaking. So far it looks like most of it is just going to be me rambling…

Do you love protein? It’s my favorite macromolecule! ^_^


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