Bring Back the Sun

So even though I have not been keeping this blog as of late, I have been keeping up with my workouts. In fact, I even upped the ante. I know swim every morning (sometimes before 7am!) for 1 hour. I really love it. Not only does it start my day off right, but it gives me a full hour to just be completely alone with my thoughts and the soothing silence of water rushing past my ears.

This morning I even beat the sun.001

As I walked out of the pool, I watched it rise.


Since I get up so early now, I eat breakfast after working out. Due to my school schedule this means a lot of quick meals unfortunately. No more slowly boiling oats on the stove. =/ Today I had a packet of instant Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal by Nature’s Path topped with sunflower seed butter and a handful of gooseberries. Have you tried gooseberries? They are nice and sour!


After my cell and molecular biology lecture, I headed to Starbucks to partake of their just released short nonfat Pumpkin Spice Latte! I used to love these, now I found the flavor so so. Maybe too sweet for me now! O.O I drank while I was at work.

Yes, I now have a job! I got lucky and my mother needed a replacement part time receptionist. So now I get paid well and get my weekends off too! I just started this week, but I’m slowly getting the hang of things.


Unfortunately due to this even tighter schedule due to work, I don’t really have a devoted lunch time. As I jumped in the car to head back to campus for intermediate swimming and public speaking, I devoured this string cheese and everything bagel thin.

After about 45 minutes of swim class and an hour and a half of public speaking (shudder!) my stomach really needed more nourishment.


So I grabbed a free slice of Breakfast Blast at my local Great Harvest and topped it with honey and a banana! Holy yum.


When I got home around 6pm I was so ready for dinner and, yes I really do still eat them, vegetables! I love quickly throwing together leftovers. Leftover Roasted Rainbow Orzo Salad, some roasted golden beets, and a Quorn naked chik’n cutlet! Wow, this was a lot of food but I made it through it!


For dessert a few hours later, I snacked on some candy. Yes I never buy candy, but when the shit goes down in life sometimes you just need some sugar.

And now, let me wow you all with my room improvement project!




improved room 001

improved room 002

improved room 004

I’ll take some day time photos and shock you even more! I’m really proud of how it all turned out though. It’s a lot brighter and cheerier and, most importantly, mine.

Anyway, here’s to getting back to healthy habits. I am definitely working on bringing more nutritious lunches and fitting them in.

Do you have time for lunch? If not, what do you bring that’s quick to eat?


7 thoughts on “Bring Back the Sun

  1. First off WOW!!! That room has never looked better and I am even remembering the ballerina bears that used to dance along it’s ceiling 😉 Very impressed!!! Secondly I am now having to pre-make/pre-pack my lunch and dinner every day for grad school and am really interested in what you do with your meal during such a busy schedule. So far for the lunch portion I have been making a healthy, but protein filled, sandwich, accompanied with some naked almonds, and a plum. For dinners I am not so sure since I don’t think I can handle eating 2 sandwiches a day for the 2 years of grad school. I am working on the idea of cooking a big something every weekend and then that will be the dinner for the week, portioned out…though the thought of one thing every night for a whole week already has me dissatisfied. Any ideas?

    • Even though I talked to you on the phone, figured I’d reply here in case anyone else was interested.

      First off I think your lunch sounds great! If it isn’t filling you up enough I’d suggest some raw veggies on the side to eat with your sandwich for some added crunch. I don’t know about you, but just having that extra texture can make me satisfied.

      if having the same thing too often irks you , try making a few different recipes on your day off and portion them off for the week. That way you can grab what you feel like for the day instead of having no selection. I know I should try that as well since I generally get sick of the thing I cooked by the end of the week!

      Also, if you’re like me (which we know you are), always make sure you have something sweet to cap your meal which a lot of cases helps signal the body that the meals over and you can stop eating! Some good options are fruit, maybe a little yogurt, or even a little hard candy to suck on.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Robyn, GREAT room makeover. WOW!!! Love the cheery warmth and opposing walls in different color.
    So, regarding breakfast oats: You can fill a thermos with steel cut oats and pour boiling water over it. Either do this the night before, so they’re ready in the morning, or boil the water before you take off for your swim and they’ll be ready and still hot when you return. If they still need some cooking, it’ll only be a few minutes.
    Lunch ideas: I like burritos. Soak black beans on Saturday, cook pot on Sunday. Maybe also cook brown rice. I get whole wheat or sprouted tortillas. Once beans are cooked I then make them into Brazilian or Cuban beans so they are flavored with onion, garlic, cumin, fire-roasted tomatoes. Here are a week’s options to use up the beans:
    Day 1. Slather hummus on tortilla, top with beans and salsa. Throw in any leftover cooked veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, squash are great.)
    If you eat cheese, maybe add a small amount. Wrap it up and go. Can be microwaved or eaten at room temp.
    Day 2. Mash some beans, sprinkle on chili powder, throw some baby spinach leaves on top and diced tomato chunks from a can if fresh are out of season. Maybe add some frozen corn kernels to the beans? Wrap and go.
    Day 3. Make “egg salad.” Hard boil an egg (do this on Sunday?) then chop and add celery and some of the whole, not mashed, beans. Season to taste with mayo, dill or sweet pickle relish, maybe some dijon mustard if you like deviled eggs. I usually add chopped green onions. Carry this to school in a plastic or glass container placed inside a plastic bag for spill safety.
    Day 4. Back to number 1!
    Day 5. Maybe a rice and bean and cheese burrito?

    I’ve been experimenting with veggie burger recipes. That’s another option. I’ve tried 3 kinds: bean/rice mix, nut burger, and rice/veggie mix. They all taste good. Once the mix is made, I put patties on a sprayed cookie sheet and bake. When done and cool, I wrap individually in wax paper. These freeze well. They also travel well and taste fine at room temp, and are great snack/pick-me-ups. I’m trying to determine which mix is fastest to make. I use a toaster oven to reheat, since I don’t have a microwave. Very filling and satisfying; add a salad and fruit.

    Another option is a veggie frittata. Saute up mushrooms, summer squash or throw in cooked collards or kale, or add 3 large handfuls of baby spinach to the pan when the ‘shrooms are done. Either pour store-bought egg white mix over all, or use tofu if avoiding eggs. Season with Costco salt-free seasoning, maybe add chopped green onions, some tamari or shoyu for flavor, a bit of cheddar or parmesan if you eat cheese. When the omelet is done, cut it up into quarters, wrap and refrigerate. This tastes great at room temp. Other variations include
    potato slices, asparagus (frozen works fine).

    Other ideas might be to defrost a handful of edamame to bring as a snack or filler. I buy a can of Eden brand soy beans, drain and
    add that to the egg salad mentioned above. Or I buy a can of “salad beans” ( a mix of 3 beans) and pour vinaigrette dressing over it.
    You can add some defrosted cut green beans, of course. This is filling and tasty to me. A bit harder to transport but I invested in some
    locking glass containers that don’t leak.

    I also have several good vegetarian loaf recipes. One is a lentil loaf, another uses chickpeas.& pineapple. These are also tasty at room temp and a slice or a square travels well They take time to assemble and bake but I can live happily on one for a week. Let me know if you want recipes.

    Hugs and miss you both. Have a wonderful semester at school! Enjoy your swims, Robyn. I love swimming also. –Karen

    • Thanks for the great suggestions, Karen! The only problem I foresee is I don’t really eat beans.My stomach doesn’t digest them properly and I end up in a lot of pain. >.< I will definitely be getting my butt in gear and back in the kitchen to try out some new recipes though!

  3. What a lovely sunrise and also your used to be favorite coffee. The room looks just wonderful and am glad you ate such a filling dinner. Swimming every morning is pretty impressive especially when you get up so early. Why the morning change, you used to hate being up before 8. Are you still going to swim on the weekends?

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