Seattle is Gorgeous

What a beautiful day in Seattle! It reached 84 degrees Fahrenheit!

I woke up way too early though! Actually not “that” early according to Montana time, but way too early for my friend Del. I wanted to let her sleep in since she’s been so busy and stressed lately, so I roughed it out for breakfast.

UW 001

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabars are the bomb. I love them and while it wasn’t the most filling breakfast, it held me over for a few hours while I internet served and read.

UW 002

Finally Del awoke and made us “brunch”. ^_^ This is a yummy breakfast sandwich made with a poached egg, two pieces of Tofurky Smoked “Turkey”, a slice of cheddar cheese, and Mrs. Dash! Yum! Maybe I should try savory for “breakfast” more often.

UW 003

After brunch, we got ourselves together and out and in the world with a nice long walk to Greenlake Park. It was a gorgeous day out!

UW 005

It looked lovely out on the water, but we had not come prepared to enjoy it. Maybe another day?

UW 011

After walking and sweating we hit up Chocolati Café, a super cute café right beside the park.

UW 009

They had a large, beautiful variety of chocolates to choose from.

UW 010

But we stuck with cold drinks. ^_^ I had the most amazing Italian soda I’ve ever tasted. Lavender!? It was the perfect cold, refreshing drink. Seriously, if you see lavender as a flavoring, try it.

After a long walk back to Del’s apartment, we were about ready for more food. Unfortunately Del had some friend drama come up and we needed to jump in the car and go help out.

UW 012

I ate some Quaker Morning Mini’s on the way which did the trick and kept my hunger at bay. They were actually pretty tasty and would definitely satisfy an oatmeal cookie craving.

UW 013

On the way to south Seattle we hit a huge detour that took us into the heart of downtown. Luckily, it was the perfect opportunity for me to snap a quick photo of the Space Needle! Someday I’ll be touristy and go up it. (Can you still do that?)

UW 014

After the drama, we headed to the University area so Del could give me a tour of the University of Washington (where she went to school). But first, dinner! We went to Thai 65 and it was soo delicious.

UW 016

We started with Thai Iced Tea which tasted just like regular iced tea mixed with creamy milk.

UW 017

I was glad I had it because my pumpkin curry was a little too spicy! (On a scale of 0-4 Heat I got a 0!) It was sooo good though. I’d never had pumpkin curry before but I would definitely order it again. It had large chunks of kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), red pepper, spinach, and tofu. I ate almost the entire thing including the rice!

UW 037

Then it was time to walk the home of the Huskies! (Sign says: Husky Lives Here.)

UW 018

UW 019

UW 021

UW 023

UW 026

UW 029

UW 030

UW 033

UW 035

Let’s just say I completely fell in love with the ginormous campus. Seriously, if they had a nutrition program I’d really look into going here. Since they don’t I’ll try to get my Masters here instead. ^_^

UW 038

After a lot of walking and drama today, we came home, put our feet up, drank more wine (1.5 glasses) and geeked out with more Farscape. Overall, it was a great day. =)

P.S. We promise photos of the two of us tomorrow! We were going to take some today but then got called into the drama.

Have you tried anything with lavender flavoring?


One thought on “Seattle is Gorgeous

  1. I had several lavender pastries in Paris and they were fragrant and delicious. My husband turned up his nose and deemed them too girly but I sought them out everywhere we went.

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