Vacation Take 2

I was very excited to wake up this morning because today was the day I headed to Seattle! I’m really hoping that this vacation is unlike my California one meaning that I don’t get freakishly ill.

I had a few things to get done today in order to leave on time.


First off: Breakfast. Stonyfield Low Fat Plain yogurt with flax, almond butter, Kashi Golean Crunch, a pluot, and a sprinkle of dried blueberries. Holy yum. I’m so over Quaker Oatmeal Squares. Kashi Golean Crunch is where it’s at.

I then got my butt up and on my stationary bike for 35 minutes. Yes it wasn’t that long, but I got a good sweat and felt better about my day. Summer vacation is almost over, and then intense exercise will be in full swing. ^_^


I then finished packing for my trip and met Chase at the mall for our last meal together. He wanted Noodle Express but since I knew I wanted a fresh salad, I called ahead and had a Teriyaki Tofu Salad ready and waiting for me at the Mustard Seed. It didn’t look like much but it was super tasty and BIG! I couldn’t finish it all.

I then dropped him back off at work and kissed him goodbye.


Finally it was time for my dad to drop me off at the airport where I had over an hour wait for my flight. While I waited I got peckish and tried to eat this Luna Protein Mint Chocolate Chip bar. Wow, was it bad. Chalky and tasted like chocolate mint toothpaste, I ate about half before tossing the rest.


We boarded about a half hour late, but I forgive Alaska due to their complimentary red wine! I enjoyed a glass and a snack mix since the fail protein bar really upset my stomach. It made it really bloated and painful. =/ Perhaps the type of soy in it? The snacks didn’t really help my tummy, but the wine sure made me feel better. ^_^ Drinking while flying is seriously the best way to do it.


So the main reason I came to Seattle was to visit my very old and dear friend Del! She has lived in Seattle for the last 5 years but is now moving on to California. I had to get the scoop on Seattle before she left though since Chase and I will hopefully be moving here next year.

Del is an excellent vegetarian cook and is the first person to ever teach me how to cook tofu! So, of course, she made us a yummy dinner.008

HUGE portions of whole wheat rotini in a spicy zesty tomato sauce and some sautéed tofu and broccoli in garlic and soy sauce. It was delicious and I surprised myself by eating the entire plate. 


For the rest of the evening we sipped wine and marathoned Farscape. ^_^ Did I mention Del and I met when we were 12 through our love of shows like Xena, Buffy, and sci-fi’s?

We should be going out and exploring Seattle tomorrow so hopefully there will be lots of great photos so stay tuned!

What was your favorite TV show growing up?


8 thoughts on “Vacation Take 2

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