My Dog Spot


Starting this post on a somber note, I’d like to take the time to say goodbye to my dog Spot. ❤ Spot was born in the spring of 1997 and was put to sleep today, August 15th 2011.


He was the first and only dog I’ve ever picked out from a litter and got to watch grow from soon after birth up to his death.


We nicknamed him Einstein since he was really intelligent (in a troublesome way!) and gave the most quizzical eyebrow raises.

His death was not a surprise to us since he was diagnosed with a serious case of cancer in July and has been slowly degrading ever since. Last night we knew it was the end for him when he couldn’t eat and hardly lift his head.

I love you, Spotty. I know you’re in a better place now and no longer hurting.

Now back to the daily routine of the living:


Breakfast was sort of a miss today. I really wanted English muffin and PB&J but I convinced myself that the wheat bread needed to be eaten. It was dry and totally not the taste I was craving. I topped it with sunflower seed butter, flax, raspberry jam, and banana and washed it all down with a big glass of skim milk.

I had a serious plan for working out today and I can proudly say I stuck to it! I knew I was going to be over at the University to buy my books (semester is starting soon already!?) so I planned to get back into the pool!

I’ve never had such a great 50 minute lap swim. It’s like the past few weeks gave my muscles enough time to rest yet not too much time that they started to degrade. I easily could have swam an hour but I decided tacking on those 5 extra minutes was enough since I didn’t want to over do it. Part of me can’t wait for the semester to start so I can swim everyday.007

Once I bought my books ($220!?) and got home I decided to spend some time with this lonely pup. Tammy rarely gets a bath so on this lovely day I tied her up and got dirty (while she got clean!).


Afterwards I gave her a chewie and sat with her in the backyard just enjoying the day and keeping each other company.


Normally Tammy is a very hyper dog. Today is the stillest I have ever seen her.


Finally I was starving for while my last Dr. Praeger’s California Gluten Free Veggie Burger sat in the oven, I devoured a fair amount of tortilla chips and this devil of a jalapeno yogurt dip! Ahh! This stuff is hard to say no to!


Eventually real food came together. I made a wrap with a medium flour tortilla stuffed with the Praeger burger, a smear of the amazing yogurt dip, orange bell pepper, and romaine lettuce. For my sweet tooth, a juicy peach. It was really good, but I regretted stuffing my face with the chips before hand.


I then sat around and finally went through my newest issue of Clean Eating. Holy moly there are so many recipes I want to make! I think I am going to set a goal when I get back from Seattle (leaving Saturday) to make one recipe a week. I rarely end up using magazine recipes even though that’s why I subscribe!  Things need to change!


Dinner was yet another dinner party at my mom’s house to say goodbye to our family friends who have been visiting and to have a last family dinner with my sister (who leaves tomorrow).

I had a small dinner salad, a piece of garlic bread, and a little bit of Ciao Mambo’s Pasta Ravenna: Bowtie pasta, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and mushrooms in a roasted garlic cream sauce. I’d never have ordered this pasta on my own, but my mother really wanted me to try it. It was tasty but not completely worth the calories/fat to me. I also had (barely in the picture) a glass of chardonnay. 002

Now clearly that photo wasn’t enough food, so I decided that instead of eating more creamy (yet delicious) pasta to eat some corn on the cob instead! I love corn on the cob and sadly have not gotten enough of it this summer.


After much chatting and laughing a delicious dessert was had. Simple, but still amazing. Vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate sauce and a cup of coffee! Holy yum. Coffee and ice cream were made for each other. I was so glad I had saved room for it. ^_^

When I arrived back at home I fed Tammy and took her for an evening walk. As a Labrador, I know she needs more time and attention than we’ve ever given her but since she had Spot to pal around with I’d like to think she was okay. Now though, I really don’t want her to be lonely or neglected.

Today was a rough day but tomorrow I have plans for happier adventures and will hopefully have fun photos to share. Have a goodnight everyone. Hug your pet today. ❤


2 thoughts on “My Dog Spot

  1. I am so sorry to hear about Spot. We were breeding our 5 year old golden retriever Sandy this spring and she got an infection, which the Drs somehow didn’t believe and couldn’t fix. It was a horrible process and a total shock – to go from a perfectly healthy dog to having to put her down due to a collapsed lung and abscesses on her lungs. The whole family is still heartbroken.

    Try and find comfort in the fact that he lived a wonderful long life and was so loved. Rest in Peace

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