The End of an Epic

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Just got home from seeing the very last Harry Potter movie since I finished book 7 two days ago. I really enjoyed reading the series but it made me really wish that I’d read them growing up. I loved how the writing level changed as the children grew (and how I would have grown had I read them!).

The movie was just so so. I guess I’m one of those die-hard-stick-to-the-book people. The only actor I really loved in it was Lord Voldemort! He was superb!

Alright so goodbye Harry Potter and on to the food!


Breakfast was an old favorite. 1 cup Stonyfield Low Fat Plain Yogurt mixed with flax and a tbsp peanut butter, then topped with a 1/2 cup each of Kashi Golean Crunch and Quaker Oatmeal Squares, a big handful of fresh raspberries, and a sprinkle of raisins. Yum. I am enjoying the texture of regular yogurt so much more than the thick creaminess of Greek.

I worked all morning on my sister’s birthday present. I purchased a nice frame at Target and filled it with old photos of the two of us. ❤ It took a long time but I’m happy with the result! Look how cute we were:



When lunch time rolled around, I was starving for it! I also had the oddest craving for eggs..


So I made an egg sandwich! Using Eggbeaters I stirred in some green peas and feta and topped it on a Thomas’ Everything Bagel Thin with ketchup. On the side I pan fried a few okra! I ❤ okra!! This is the first time I’ve found it fresh in Montana. I better get my fill in before it disappears.

After lunch my dad and I headed to Costco and I can proudly say we stuck to almost entirely to our list! Only one extra item and this was due to an amazing sample we tried.This is big news for us since we are major impulse buyers and normally we feed off each others impulsivity! The fridge is now stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables!


It was super hot here in Missoula, so once we got home I cooled off with a Dreyer’s grape juice pop. ❤ Yummy!


For the first part of dinner I dove into our impulse purchase. This Jalapeno Yogurt Drip is soooo delicious. I enjoyed it with a bowl of Kirkland’s Organic Tortilla Chips and it hit the spot.


Luckily I didn’t go overboard though and was still hungry for more “real” food. Unfortunately the brown rice took forever(!) to cook so I had to make a little bento to take to the movies! Okra, my homegrown cherry tomatoes, and brown rice topped with an egg and seaweed mixture I brought back from Japan. For dessert I had another Costco purchase, a pluot! This plum/apricot was interesting but not entirely what I was looking for so I didn’t end up eating all of it.

While we watched the movie I also had a few handfuls of non-buttered popcorn.


When we got home, even though I’d been eating popcorn(!), my stomach had a void I needed to fill. It may have been an emotional void details of which I’ll go into tomorrow, but I ate another serving of chips and jalapeno yogurt dip all the same.

Hope everyone has a good night ❤

Are you a Harry Potter Fan?


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