Need More Veggies!

Sorry I wasn’t able to post this last night all. I got home after midnight and pretty darn inebriated. >.<

I also did a pretty poor job of eating healthy yesterday. That’s why I think a blog is a great way to review what you ate. I can see that I did poorly and therefore plan to do better today! So here goes..


Breakfast was a bit unusual because I was actually craving the savory instead of sweet. This rarely happens to me! I went with it and made eggs with grilled green beans, peas, and a little bit if feta mixed in. I piled that on top of a flour tortilla, added ketchup, and devoured. It was delicious!


I always have to end a meal with a sweet however, so I also added my favorite Granny Smith apple.

Eventually I decided I was not skipping a workout today (though I felt like it!) and jumped on the stationary bike for 35 minutes. This was 5 minutes longer than I planned but 10 minutes shorter than I’d like. Oh well, I still worked up a good sweat and it made me feel better and more awake for the rest of my day.


I got really faint in the shower again, so immediately after exiting I had the first part of my lunch: Stonyfield Organic Activia Strawberry yogurt. It hit the spot and took away the shakiness.


The second part of my lunch soon followed with the rest of the grilled green beans and TWO slices of pineapple chutney and walnut pizza. It is all gone now and I enjoyed every single bite.

With all my energy due to my workout I actually left the house today and hit up the Good Food store for some produce and dairy.


When I got home around 4pm I broke into the snack I purchased there while I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. The Good Food Store’s Vegan Orange Poppy seed Cake is my favorite baked good they make! I had this slice with 1.5 glasses of skim milk. ❤

Because of this snack though I wasn’t hungry for dinner. >.< I had a BBQ to get to at 8pm, however, so I wasn’t too worried.


At the BBQ though, all I was was thirsty. Yeah….4 glasses of this white wine followed even though my host was super sweet and even had a black bean burger there for me. I just wasn’t hungry for it!


I did manage to have half a slice of this homemade blackberry cheesecake though! It was really good and I ate it because I was drunk and polite, but I’m still not the biggest cheesecake fan.


After a lot of good chats and laughs the last of us left at the BBQ ended up downtown and dancing! I love dancing but rarely get to do it. John and Jesse were great dancing partners. =) Someone’s phone took this photo so sorry for the poor quality but it’s the only evidence I have!


Jesse nicely drove me home (not much of a drinker) and once home I knew I had to get something more substantial in me to help soak up this alcohol. I ended up with a bowl of Kashi Autumn Harvest and Quaker Oatmeal Squares and a banana.

I can happily say that this did the trick and that I have no hangover this morning! Not really sure I’m going to get a workout in though…>.<

See you all tonight!

Do you like dancing?


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