I woke up this morning as stiff as a board! It’s not my calves and hamstrings that were giving me problems either, but even my abs and inner thighs. Yesterday’s jog kicked my butt and I full accepted that today. I also noticed a lot of phlegm in my throat and more coughing than usual. =/ I decided to listen to my body’s aches and took a rest day.


Breakfast was my newest obsession: English muffin topped with Skippy chunky peanut butter and raspberry jam. I knew this wouldn’t hold me over for long though so I also had a large mug of skim milk and a Stonyfield Organic Activia Strawberry yogurt.

I then sat on my butt reading for the rest of the morning.. >.>


For lunch I had two pieces of pineapple chutney and walnut pizza and the rest of my salad from yesterdays lunch with some more greens thrown on top. This pizza never gets old to me. It’s just perfection. ❤

Full and satisfied, I then got suddenly so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Ophelia and I curled up on my bed and took a good two hour (at least) nap. No clue where all my energy went but it was gone!


When I awoke, I almost dozed off again but fought myself against it. To get my body working again I had a snack of Quaker Oatmeal Squares and lots of water.

I got absolutely nothing done today but I have to keep reminding myself that it is my summer finally. I should stop stressing and let myself relax. >.< This is hard for me.


We are running low on vegetables in the fridge so dinner tonight was really simple. Grilled green beans tossed with EVOO and spices, Boca Vegan Burger patty topped with some sharp cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce, and a small baked potato. I really need to go do the store tomorrow. >.< I think the plan is just to get up, get moving, and get going so I have no time to let the sudden tiredness set in.

This Friday evening was lovely and laid back though. Chase spent the whole evening watching Hulu shows with me while we both played stupid little video games (he on his new HTC Thunderbolt smartphone and me on my iTouch).

I’ve been hooked on Tiny Tower! Has anyone else tried this app out? It’s adorable and strangely addicting. It’s also free so if you have an iPhone or iTouch you should check it out.


Much later after dinner I had a hankering for ice cream. Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt: After Dark Chocolate had to do though. ^_^ I had it with a cut up banana and a drizzle of raspberry jam. Yummy!

Well tomorrow I hope is a more productive and active day than today! I don’t want my summer to just slip away while I sleep. >.< Night all!

What do you do when a workout really takes it’s toll on your body?


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