Back With A Vengeance

I decided to take a break from blogging yesterday since it was so boring and basically the same foods I ate the past few days. I hope you understand! I am back now though!

Back..and healthy gain! That’s right! I had no nausea and a real appetite for real food today! It feels sooo good to eat vegetables and fruit again.


Breakfast started with a Stonyfield Organic Activia Vanilla yogurt, some frozen blueberries, and a handful of Quaker Oatmeal Squares. After eating it, and enjoying every bite, I realized this wasn’t hearty enough and that if I didn’t want to allow myself to snack the entire day, I better eat something that would stick to my ribs more.


Enter, second breakfast. Toasted English muffin with chunky peanut butter (couldn’t quiet stomach the other nut butters yet), flax(!), and homemade raspberry jam. Holy yum.

Now since my sleep schedule is all off my eating schedule is really wack. I basically had breakfast at about noon. >.< Around 2pm I met Karlie (to get the last Harry Potter book!), at Yo Waffle, where I did have a little cup of Tart Original yogurt with fresh bluebs and strawberries. I of course forgot to take a picture though.


When I got back home I was ready for lunch but convinced myself that I shouldn’t be hungry yet. This ended up with me eating a cookie. >.< I need to remind myself that when I’m hungry I should just eat my meal! Who cares about the time!?


An hour or so after that failure I was so hungry I was cranky so I used what we had in the fridge and made what sounded good. This turned out to be a small quesadilla with red and green peppers! It was really good, but I put too much cheese. 


Around 7:30pm we started getting ready for the big BBQ we were having tonight. This of course consisted with opening a bottle of red wine! I had two of the small glasses pictured.


Eventually around 9pm dinner was finally ready! We had so many things on the grill it took a lot of time for everything to be done. I had a Boca Vegan Burger patty, a little bit of macaroni salad, half of an eggplant and maybe half of the pictured vegetables. I just couldn’t fit it all in! But it was deelish. ^_^


For dessert Chase and I went on a nice evening walk to our local convenience store and grabbed some Neopolitan ice cream for everyone.


And to cap off enjoying my re-found appetite I ate the very last of my favorite iced shortbread cookies. ❤ It feels so good to be able to eat again and actually enjoy what I’m eating. Hopefully I can start working out again too. I don’t want to do too much too fast in case it sets me back, but maybe tomorrow is the day.

Thanks for sticking with me through this folks! Stay tuned for the NEW Stonyfield Giveaway Winners (since 4 out of 5 left no contact info!)


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