Cheese and Carbs

So the majority of my original symptoms are now gone, now just the nausea remains. =( I want to be all better now! I woke up late, around 10am and had breakfast.

Blizzard 030

I managed 1/2 of this Strawberry All Fruit popsicle. The chunks of actual fruit in it sent me over the edge so I let the rest of it melt. =/


I then spent the rest of the morning with all three kittens, in bed, doing not much of anything. Reading a little, blogging a little, a little TV, and a lot of sleeping. This is Ophelia face-planting by the way.


Around 1pm I decided to try and eat a little more so I made some Annie’s Bunnie Mac & Cheese and devoured about 1/2 cup. It was alright but I still had issues with it coming back up.


I also ate a Costco Chocolate Chip cookie and most of a glass of skim milk. Was it good? No not really. It was really to just more in my stomach that didn’t completely repulse me. As you can see, my usual yogurt, vegetables, and fruit part of my diet is out right now. Just thinking about eating a banana makes me gag. =/

I then slept even more until I awoke to a friendly face, my Chase. ❤ He is also sick right now though not with the same terrible symptoms. He insisted that we had to eat something for dinner so I gave him the options of pizza or pasta because that was all that sounded doable on my tummy.


So off to The Bridge Pizza we went (my favorite pizza place in town). If there was anything that’d peak my appetite it’d be Bridge pizza. I got a slice of artichoke hearts and sundried tomato on white sauce. Sadly, it didn’t do the trick and I only ate half of it. That’s when you know this is serious! I’ve never eaten half a slice of Bridge pizza in my life!


Dessert was simple. A Dreyer’s All Natural Grape popsicle. No not the all fruit kind. I made sure we stopped at the store and got the juice ones. ❤ So much better. I’m sure there’ll be a lot more of these.

For the record I did snack on a few crackers and cheese while writing this up and they stayed down fine! ^_^ Yay!

I apologize for all the unexciting food today. I’m really hoping I’ll just wake up tomorrow roaring to eat real food again!

I hope you all have a goodnight!

What do you eat when your nauseous?


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