Right now I’m taking a little break from my hours of chemistry studying. I must say I don’t think it’s helping. My mind just feels like it can’t comprehend what the questions ask and then when I see how to get the answer I’m not absorbing it! I really really hope I do better on tomorrow’s exam than I feel like I’ll do right now.

This is how I’m feeling right now:


Not sure if you can see that but that’s me (the short one in the middle) with a face just like this >.<! And yes in this analogy the cute Asians around me are chemistry stress!

Today started off terribly to top it off. I got to bed pretty late last night (D&D went long), and so when I woke up this morning I could hardly keep my eyes open. I felt the least rested than I have all semester.


Breakfast to wake myself up! 1/4 cup Kashi Golean Crunch plus 1cup Kashi Autumn Harvest was my base. Then I really packed on the nutrients with tsp of chia seeds, a mushy banana, some fresh (on their way out the door…) strawberries, and some toasted almonds! All covered in delicious and cold skim milk. ❤

At least today was the very last day of actual chemistry class! Woot! Also it was the last day of lab! Steph and I’s crystals turned out stunningly too!




Yeah we are geeks and took some home with us. ❤ We decided it was kryptonite! It was a lot of fun though and a good way to end in lab.

Afterwards, I headed off to swim alone again. Steph is feeling too much stress this week so I told her not to worry about working out. Some people find relaxation in different things. I swam away 45 minutes and was then mentally ready to start the epic studying.

Well…almost ready! Lunch was very necessary so said my stomach.


Sautéed in EVOO: snap peas, cherry tomatoes, and spinach plus a heaping helping of more Harvest Grain Salad. I seriously made another batch it’s that good. Please try it!! A while later I ate my “dessert” of a vanilla Stonyfield’s Activia and a plum! These yogurts are really growing on me! If I don’t get that review to you guys this Friday I promise it’ll be sometime next week!


Chase got off early and we headed over to the mall to pick up his mum a birthday present (her’s was on the 24th!). My stomach was already growling again so I split a small Peanut Butter Cup smoothie from Jus Chilin. I’m so glad I had Chase drinking it because it was so decadent it would have made me sick! He actually ended up devouring most of it while I was in Victoria Secret bumming a free pair. ~.^ I’m glad he did because holy smokes was it good.


When we arrived home, Princess Ophelia was wafting. 014

She made sure I took lots of breaks through my study session.


And made sure I got some brain food aka, stress snacking in. Definitely had a few handfuls. >.<


Around dinner time Chase decided to start up the grill so I jumped on that boat ride and made up the best grilled asparagus I’ve ever tasted(!), grilled cherry tomatoes, Ian’s Sweet Potato Fries, and a Vegan Boca Burger on a English muffin. I’m suddenly on an English muffin kick! Loving the doughy goodness.


And then I continued to study and decided I needed to relax a little and had a tiny pour of red wine. It was really nice but I don’t think it helped me concentrate much. >.<


Around 9, (still studying), I made myself dessert: Strawberry Stonyfield’s Activia topped with fresh strawberries and 1/4 cup Kashi Golean Crunch. I’m really loving this strawberry yogurt! Normally I’m not a fan of flavored ones, but this one is so subtle and non-artificial tasting it’s delicious!

Anyway, I must get back to more studying. =/ Promised myself I can go to bed at midnight (oh sleep I want you!) but only if I get in another 2 hours. Hope you all had a great Tuesday. Almost half way done!


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