Trying Not To Panic

Last Monday of the semester and I already have a stress headache. >.< This week is just too intense! I have way too much to do. Let me rant about it for a second?

Tuesday – Lab report, study for 4th exam

Wednesday – 4th exam

Thursday – whole day to study for final, hopefully write up Stonyfield’s Activia Review and Giveaway for you all to get in on for Friday!

Friday – Final, jump on plane to CA

Before Friday I need to go shopping to get some okay funeral wear, get some free panties at Victoria’s Secret, watch two Netflix movies so those can be shipped off, do more laundry so I have clothes to pack, keep my workouts in check, eat healthy!

Okay, so clearly some things listed aren’t as important as others but piling them all on top of each other is driving me bonkers!

Phew. Thanks for listening. ^_^ Anyway, to the food!


Get used to seeing a lot of the same breakfasts this week since I’m trying to finish a lot of produce and dairy before I leave for a week. Stonyfield’s Low-fat Plain Yogurt with flax, tsp sunflower butter, 1/2 banana, strawberries, toasted almonds, and dried blueberries. Oh and how could I forget, Kashi Golean Crunch! Seriously my favorite cereal ever.

Last chemistry lecture, then a fun and kind of quick lab! I totally felt like Steph and I were at Hogwarts attending Potions class or something. We mixed all kinds of chemicals, heated, stirred, saw a bunch of color changes! It was pretty fun. ^_^

Afterwards I headed to the pool to do 45 minutes lap swimming on my own. Steph is definitely feeling the stress (plus works 2 jobs!) so she opted out to go get shit done. I don’t blame her! For me though, I need that 1 hour of chemistry free swimming.

When I was all dressed up again, I headed to Hastings to plow through chemistry homework and lab report writing. I grabbed some Stacy’s Pita Chips because I knew the lunch I packed wasn’t substantial enough with the void I was feeling in my belly.


They were really yummy but I know they are pretty nutritionally void so that’s why I stay away from them normally. I ate them with a spinach salad topped with sauteed zucchini and yellow squash, roasted beets, and a black bean/tomato/corn salad my dad had made. It didn’t really go together at all, but due to my hunger level I ate it anyway. For dessert I hate a Stonyfield’s Strawberry Activia and a really ripe plumb. 


Eventually I caved and fed my inner café drink demon a large peach iced tea! ^_^ It kept me going!


Finally I headed home to get a few chores done before D&D night. I ate a little snack of the last of the Breakfast Blast to hold me over a little longer as well, then did some laundry and tidying up along with yet more chemistry thinking.


I was surprised to find that one of the D&D guys and his wife made us all lasagna for the night! I had a large piece of veggie lasagna and the rest of my roasted beets. It was really good, but too few veggies and too much cheese for me. It was still really tasty and sweet of them!

I had a lot of fun tonight and don’t regret taking a break from life to role play with some geeks. =) But now I’m just trying not to panic for the rest of the week! I hope you all are having a much better one than I am!

What do you do to combat stress?


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