Oh it’s “that” time.

I hate this time of the month. Oh you know what time I’m talking about! I’ve been feeling really crappy all day due to “period belly”. I didn’t let this “time” ruin my eating however.


Breakfast was a lovely yogurt bowl of Stonyfield’s Low Fat Plain Yogurt topped with flax, banana, blackberries, raspberries, dried blueberries and toasted almonds. Oh yeah and that not very pretty brown sludge on the side…Why did I let it get all messy and unappetizing?


Because I opened up my new jar of MaraNatha Sunflower Seed Butter!! I had to stir the whole jar due to the separation of oil and buttah, so my whole spoon was coated in this delightful stuff! So instead of nicely drizzling it atop my bowl of heaven, I just plopped the spoon straight in the bowl! May look “crappy” (no pun intended), but it tasted divine!

Today Steph and I got in our 45 minute lap swimming. I’m not going to lie, it was really rough with my stomach all upset and feeling like a lead weight, but I managed to swim the whole time even though I told myself I could quit early. Afterwards though, I was soo ready for lunch.


I had a huge pile of spinach topped with some Harvest Grain Salad and roasted asparagus and cherry tomatoes, a large peach iced tea, and my daily apple a few hours later. The spinach was kind of on its way out but the harvest grain salad made every bite wonderful!

I spent the rest of the afternoon plowing through my chemistry homework so I’d have it all done in time to pick up my sister, Whitney, from the airport! (In my excitement I have yet to snap a picture of her…sorry! You’ll be seeing a lot of her in the weeks to come)

She arrived ready for dinner and we headed to the The Stone of Accord (aka Sean Kelley’s). We’d taken my dad here for Father’s Day so I knew there was food I loved.007


I almost decided against a drink but once my sister ordered a Walla Walla Riesling, I knew I had to  have one as well. It was sweet and crisp!


For dinner I hate the same Warm Brie Salad I had last time and again I loved it. Warm Brie, Granny Smith apples, Cajun candied walnuts, red onions, tomatoes and
croutons and honey red wine vinaigrette on the side. Also devoured was a warm piece of their famous Irish soda bread. ❤ I have half of this amazing salad for tomorrows lunch!


Dessert wise my dad and I wanted to show Win (my sister’s nickname), the Irish  Potato Sundae! Doesn’t it seriously look like a baked potato? Cocoa crusted vanilla bean ice-cream in a pool of chocolate sauce. Topped with whipped cream, pecans, caramel, mint and chocolate cookie crumbs. We devoured it!


Sadly the fun times had to end and I ended up right back where I’d left taking care of chemistry stuff. Eventually I got a little snacky for something salty and had a serving of Pirate’s Booty. Mmm cheesy.

Stay tuned for more days of eating out and hopefully showing some moderation and control! ~.^ At least if it’s going to be that “time” I’m going to eat some good foods!!

Speaking of good foods, Danica @ Danica’s Daily is giving away Annie’s new Orignial Snack Mixes! Yes those cute ones with the bunnies! Check it out and enter to win three boxes!

What’s the funniest dessert you’ve ever ate?

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