Summer Nights

Tonight felt just like a summer night should. Filled with fun, laughter, and good company. ❤ But I’ll get to that…

Breakfast was especially yummy today.


Stonyfields Nonfat Plain Yogurt ❤ mixed with a super ripe and mushy banana for flavor and topped with Kashi Golean Crunch, fresh blueberries, toasted almonds and golden raisins! It was texture heaven and the flavor was perfect. I think I almost prefer toasted nuts to nut butters in my yogurt now. They give such a pop of flavor and the crunch is fantastic! I highly recommend trying it. I toast a batch in advance so I don’t have to turn the broiler on in the morning.


Today during workshop Steph and I went all out and purchased some lattes! Tall nonfat latte for me, which I added a packet of Equal to and topped it with nutmeg! It was good, but when I started to feel jittery I knew I’d had enough. I can never finish a tall! =(

We received our exams back today and I managed to pull of a B! I’m extremely proud of this since I would have taken a C with no complaints. ❤

Riding that confidence boost, Steph and I headed to the pool for an intense 45 minutes of lap swimming. My muscles felt heavy and tired today, so I kept telling myself to just go 30 minutes and I could quit, but in the end I just kept pushing myself and made the full time! Mind over matter!


For lunch Chase and I walked to the mall and went to Noodle Express. I, however, kept to my planned packed lunch of: Mexican rice, refried beans, and 1/2 a veggie enchilada. Plus a huge tupperware of greens! It was perfect, filling and delicious. My dad sure does Mexican well!

I dutifully worked on my chemistry homework at Hastings (on a Friday!) and then rewarded myself with some Target shopping! ^_^ Where I got a  98 cent plate (since I’m so tired of my dad’s same old boring china).


I like the stripes. ^_^ When I got home I enjoyed a Costco Chocolate Chip cookie and a glass of skim milk on it. My lunch didn’t hold me over too well! I think it’s because I forgot to tuck into my daily apple. >.< And hey…COOKIE FRIDAY!004

I was greeted with my package from! Sadly, I will be returning everything. The baby rattle was for Emmilyn and the laptop case does not fit my 12.3 inch Dell notebook. =/ I really wanted a super cute Hello Kitty case but oh well…


I enjoyed a Lindt Lindor Truffle I got at Target while I sadly filled out the Return Form. I was still hungry, but we had big plans tonight so I was determined not to go overboard snacking!

Tonight we met my friend Karlie and her boyfriend Joe for dinner at The Iron Horse!011

It has a surprisingly lovely atmosphere for more of a drinking place. And our waiter, Adam, was superb! I love when you can tell when someone truly enjoys their job. =)006

Anyway, I saw their Summer Sangria special and immediately knew what I was drinking tonight!


I started with the white…009


And ended with the red!! Loved them but next time I’d probably stick with a “real” wine. They both just didn’t taste “wine-y” enough for me.

The Iron Horse has a HUGE menu, so I was very glad I checked it out online before arriving or I would have gotten lost in it! I stuck with my plan of the Market Salad.

“A harvest of delicious ingredients. Mesclun mix topped with broccoli, feta and candied pecans. Garnished with apples, pears and a balsamic port wine reduction. Served with our red wine vinaigrette.”

It actually didn’t have any broccoli =( but it was still a very yummy salad. I love that they gave me both sauces on the side so I could enjoy one or the other or both. This salad was HUGE, so I still have half of it for lunch tomorrow!

After dinner, we walked about 5 blocks down to Karlie and I’s favorite dessert shop…Yo Waffle!013

Today I went a little crazy on the toppings! O.O Base of half nonfat Huckleberry yogurt and half Original Tart. Topped with blackberries, peanuts, mochi, and four chocolate covered almonds.

I loved the mochi balls(!) since they give it a great texture! I would go without the chocolate covered almonds next time though, and have a better yogurt to toppings ratio!

And then it was on to the main event of the night:015

“Mini golf”. The only one in town. And wow. It was a dump! 8 holes on uneven ground behind a bowling alley…No score cards, no nothing. We were glad we only paid $3 each, jokingly hit the balls from hole to hole, pocket our brightly colored balls (they didn’t actually mention us returning them), and walked to Joe’s house to play Nintendo Edition Monopoly!

Played until only midnight since Chase has to work in the morning, but it was a really fun laid back night with friends. =) It reminded me of summer!

Well I am hopping in bed to read a little bit and then get some shut eye!


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