Today was a complete failure on the healthy eating front. I don’t know what was wrong with me I was just constantly hungry!

It started off with being awoken by hungry kittens around 8am. I then laid in bed and read more Harry Potter. Very soon my tummy started growling for food. This isn’t out of the ordinary so I got up and grabbed some breakfast.


Nice big refreshing bowl of cereal! 1 cup Annie’s Chocolate and Vanilla bunnies mixed with 1/2 cup Kashi Golean Crunch and topped with blueberries and toasted almonds. It was delicious and I loved every bite.

Then instead of doing my regular routine of slipping on my workout gear and starting my day, I got back in bed and continued to read. Somehow I also ended up falling back asleep and reawakening to only read some more and do it all over again. I didn’t get out of bed til after noon!

I decided to make it a rest day even though I’ve been really trying to stick to my plan and get in my weight lifting. Maybe this was my body’s way of telling me it’s tired!

Right on time at 1pm my tummy was ready for lunch. I was excited to finish off my leftover salad from last night and devoured it happily. I ended up adding more greens to it at the end since restaurants tend to put way too many goodies and not enough greens!001

After finishing my stomach was not satisfied. Too light of a meal with hardly any carbs.002

So I filled me a small bowl of Pirate’s Booty010

And ate TWO cookies with a glass of milk!


A bit later I snacked on a milk chocolate Lindt truffle as well.


And tried to wake myself up with a cup of jo. I tried out my new all natural creamer too. It was so so. Not a great flavor. I still couldn’t finish the cup. Too harsh on my tummy.011

After coffee my stomach felt completely running on empty suddenly! It wanted real food now! So I ate the other half of my veggie enchilada from yesterday and finally the eating stopped.

I think this goes to show that I really need to plan more well rounded meals or I will just keep eating until my stomachs satisfied with all the elements. While the salad was good, it didn’t have enough carbohydrates or protein to keep me satisfied. Oh and that snack food? Doesn’t really help the problem!006

Chase got home after 5pm and then I packed up my chemistry studying, grabbed an apple for a snack, and we headed over to his friend’s house. There for only about an hour and a half, I had time to eat my apple and get completely depressed about my lack of memory on what I studied in chemistry last semester. I started the ACS Exam prep guide, and it covers both semesters. I feel soo very overwhelmed now. In a bad mood, I asked Chase if we could head home. He glumly agreed. =/


Once home my stomach was ready for real food. I had a delicious and nutritious meal of roasted beets (my favorite!), grilled cherry tomatoes and asparagus, and a Vegan Boca Burger topped with sriracha and ketchup. My lunch should have been more rounded like this. (didn’t need more carbs due to the obsessive amount of snacking I’d done the apple!)


For dessert I tried a dark chocolate Lindt truffle. I’ve also hid the rest of the truffles inside my Hello Kitty jelly Belly Jar instead of keeping the package at my computer desk. ^_^ Yeah smart decision.

I know I made some really bad errors today, but I know that I can do better tomorrow. I’m not going to let myself get upset over this since one day isn’t going to ruin me.

Try to have a great Saturday night everyone!


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