Study Day

Today has hurt my brain. I did manage to stay away from all distractions while I studied for my chem exam (tomorrow!), but I am still not done. =( I feel like no matter how hard I study it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, it was a success in the food department in my opinion. Normally hardcore stress studying turns me into a snacker. But today, I hardly snacked at all!

I ate a hardy and nutritious breakfast.001

Big slice of Breakfast Blast topped with almond butter, flax and 1 giant banana. Enjoyed with a glass of ice cold skim milk. I’m still surprised that this does really fill me up and keep me satisfied!

It kept me going until around 1:30pm and that includes my 45 minutes of lap swimming! Sadly, I swam alone today due to Steph wanting to start studying early. Due to my vow of never skipping another day for the next 3 weeks (and because I ❤ swimming!), I went anyway. I really powered through it too! With my new breathing strategy going strong, before I knew it was time to get out and get my study on.

It was sooo hot today all I wanted was some ice cold ice cream. And yes, I wanted to eat dessert first! So that’s what Chase and I did. ^_^


Small cherry dipped DQ cone ❤


Lunch followed after with a large salad of spring mix topped with 3 bean salad. I also had a nice size portion of pinwheel pasta in the last of my garlic scape pesto. While it looks like a lot I never felt stuffed! Really bulking up my meals kept my munchies and panic snacking way down.


Four hours of studying later it was dinner time. ((FYI: Vinni doesn’t know it’s not real chicken! haha fooled him!)) I had 6 Quorn Chick’n nuggets with honey and srirracha to dip them in. For sides I had a little bit of asparagus and potato salad and some steamed broccoli. The whole meal was delectable! Spicy and sweet goes well together. ^.~

Right after dinner I was off to The Break Espresso to meet up with Steph for more studying. 005

I brought along a peach which I ate instead of buying a baked treat. =) ((They have some of the best sweets there…))


After 3 hours, I was burnt out and headed home to just work on memorizing equations. I had a small bowl of 1/2 cup Kashi Golean Crunch with 1/2 cup skim milk for dessert. Yummy and so much better for me than a cookie!

There’s a crazy summer storm happening right now but instead of being outside and enjoying it I need to hit the books again. =(

Wish me luck on my exam tomorrow! I will do my best…>.>


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